Ned reads a book… or rather how to make an awesome Asian Sauce!

September 16, 2010 at 7:59 am | Posted in Dinner | 6 Comments

…and then learns something and cooks for me!

This thing that he learned was actually quite revolutionary in our eyes, making a sauce from seaweed, bonito flakes, mirin and soy sauce. Four simple ingredients, when combined together make something AMAZING to the palate! I bought him this book, Sauces by James Peterson and year and a half ago for his birthday and once he moved home to Buffalo and had some free time on his hands, he finally picked it up and found a gem!


Simple cooking can really be a revelation to me sometimes. Basically it reminds me that cooking is not hard and fancy tasting food really can be within reach. And you know what else was a revelation? Actually not a revelation at all- I love cooking with my Neddy. It will be three weeks from today that I get to see him again and I can’t wait to get in the kitchen again and cook with him. He is such a good cook – I am so thankful to be fed with delicious food made with his hands. Now go for the jump and check out these easy steps!

Here were the noodles we used. We both became enamored with the packaging and went for them. Beautiful packaging and perfectly tasty noodles, thank you wegmans.


Here was the salmon, gorgeous color. Coho salmon surely is gorgeous!!! Ned used a special technique he learned from reading Thomas Keller. Take the back side of a knife and scrub in a long swipe it against the skin of the fish, that will help to remove the moisture from the skin and make it extra crispy when cooked!


We chopped up some garlic, sauteed it and then threw in a ton of spinach. It always surprises me how small in size cooked spinach is in comparison to its raw state.


These were the dried seaweed pieces that went into the sauce. Pretty fishy smelling actually.


These wood shavings are not wood shavings at all, they are dried fish flakes!! And they are sooo smoky.


These two bottles went into the sauce too. That red wine you see in the back?? It did not go into the sauce! It went straight into our bellies! Beaujolais by Louis Jadot, my favorite type of red wine to drink in the summer. πŸ˜€ (it is still summer right??)


Here is the infamous sauce.


And our finished product.

Ingredients & Directions:

Cook noodles as per directions on packaging. Cook fish as you would normally cook fish, but leave it a little bit longer on the skin side to really crisp it up! and Ned can take it away from here: I took about a cup and a half of water, added about a half cup of the dried seaweed, and slowly brought it to a simmer. When it reached a simmer, I strained out the seaweed, and added about a cup of the bonito flakes. They steeped for a minute or two, then were strained out. I then added about a 6th of a cup each of mirin and soy sauce, and that’s it. I kept it warm on a burner while i cooked the fish, and that’s it! (exclamation point added by me, cause I really can’t go one day without using them. Is that sad? Should I try and do a exclamation free day????? noooooo way jose! πŸ˜€



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  1. This looks delicious. Too bad my days of soy sauce eating are behind me.

    • are you serious?? is that what caused your stomachaches??

  2. your first photo is goregous, elizabeth! (i mean, all your photos are beautiful, but that one is particularly pro.)

    • thank you friend! I saw my cousin Bobby using his new dslr camera so late at night over the labor day weekend without a flash and instantly was hammering at him about that. He told me he was turning down the aperture alot and that woke me up with my camera! So hopefully you’ll be seeing alot more good pictures!

  3. That is some good looking fish.

  4. […] of noodles. I helped with the broth for the sauce thanks to Ned’s teachings and the amazing meal he made me back in September. So this elusive sauce – a dashi. The cookbook called to use a […]

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