Blissful Afternoons at Black Ankle Vineyards

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It had been nearly two months since the three of us had been together. When summer was still booming we had discussed trying to go rafting in Harper’s Ferry… but by the time we got around to being able to see one another, summer was basically gone and we had to come up with another idea! Luckily, I am good at fun girlie afternoon ideas, especially ones that involve snacks and wine! And so my friends agreed and drove out from Baltimore to see me! I really love these two: Bethany and Kelly. Our lives have had some really awesome and really rough times in the past couple of years…. and I am so happy I have them in my life to support me and that I can support them.
So from a brief scan of the wineries near Frederick, I decided on Linganore and Black Ankle. So because Blank Ankle was the lesser known of the two in our minds, (and we like to support the lesser knowns!) we went there first. And well, we loved it so much there, we stayed ALL afternoon! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this place sooner! Seriously, this plot of land, the beautiful building and fantastic wine was more than we ever had imagined! Now keep reading and see more fun and food!

Oh you thought I would take pictures of the wine?? Looks like I was more interested in taking pictures of food and scenery…too busy drinking the wine. πŸ˜€

This is the tasting and retail store building. It is a green building! The whole building was made from hay that was previously being grown on this property before it was converted into a vineyard. The built a stucco and hay insulated building and even put some greenery on the roof to help further with energy savings. That Sunday it was still set up for a wedding that was hosted the previous evening. LOVELY place for a wedding! I loved the landscaping, I loved the farm (in the other direction from this shot below) and most of all I loved the wine!


So we picked up a red and a white and settled into our nice spot in the breezeway and took out all of our nice treats!

Bethany brought some fresh peaches and some apples. Gorgeous tasty fruit.


I picked up some local cheese from the Common Market (think its from PA and maybe its a cheddar??)

And I got some organic grapes. Very crisp and juicy (if that even makes sense…)


Kelly had made some bruschetta dip for the weekend and brought along the remains! See that WV? That’s her hunny’s alma mater. Go Mountaineers!

We also got some pretzel sticks and good flavorful mustard. Yummm pretzels and mustard, my favorite snack to eat with a spicy red!

And then we finished eating and decided to loll about and stroll around. See that scenery?? Could there be anything more lovely?? and within 30 minutes of my house! hoorah.


Here are some grapes. The cool thing about Black Ankle is that they are an estate winery and grow all of the grapes used in their wines right here on this plot of land. Love it. and so now let me tell you some cute things about my friends:

Bethany likes to stroll about vineyards.

and chickens like to run wild.

and Kelly likes to chase those not so wild chickens. and that concludes my tour of Black Ankle. pretty awesome, right?

I CANNOT wait to go back. Preferably with my darling and my lovely friends! He has to see this place pronto!


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