Bobby’s Pulled Pork

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I love my cousin Bobby. I love him because he and I really started to enjoy making really good food at about the same time and those memories of us cooking together are happy ones in my mind. I also love him because he introduced me to the Avett brothers a long time ago, and their music makes me feel happy and alive. I love Bobby because he brought Jen into my life and she is one person I know I am going to enjoy having so close to me forever. And I love Bobby because he knows how to make a mean pulled pork from scratch and divulged that recipe and even made me a ton of rub to make the pork with!


You see that pork?? Heavenly goodness!!! Now go see the methodology below and my open faced sandwich!

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Not so wordless more like songful Wednesday

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Me first and the gimme gimmes!

Satisfying Shab Row Bistro

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Ned came to town a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the housewarming party at my abode. That Saturday was a beauuuutiful day and we wanted to enjoy a nice lunch together before the party started and sit outside! Shab Row Bistro fit that bill and we were very happy with our choice.

I like to take long walks around town to see all the pretty architecture and history that abounds in this town of mine. And I usually end up walking past this place frequently. I’m glad we finally took the plunge and got our dining on! Even though it was a beautiful day, I did kind of look longingly at the bar inside. The bar actually looks pretty neat, a long concrete kind of material with fancy little lamps spread out. It reminds me of a zinc bar or something (like I know what a zinc bar looks like!)


This place is very new looking and cool. If Ned lived in town with me I bet we would mosey over there all the time and hang out at the bar. Because I mean this place is very much walking distance! Do you have any awesome places within walking distance that you spend too much time at??

And the food at Shab Row Bistro? The food was very good. So go check out some cool and yummy looking pictures!

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Cooking through Pioneer Woman: Pizza!

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Yep, you will be seeing alot of her recipes this month. Why? Cause she’s awesome. Much like this picture. And you know what else is awesome?? How much I enjoy my job. Even when we are down in the dumps and scraping bottom, there is always something I can help with and I actually feel like I can contribute alot to keeping the train chugging along. There’s much to be said about feeling needed at work, I know that’s what keeps me motivated. My day is not complete until five people have come into my office in one hour saying this or that is broken and/or not working. I might be a little snippy at some of my coworkers, but everything always gets fixed and everyone is happy and able to keep doing what they need to do…

And just like work when there are bumps in the road, sometimes that comes along when you are cooking. Like say with this recipe, the crust may or may not have turned out like I wanted it to, but it was still edible so I went with it! And other bumps on the road on my horizon today?? There was a little one with my daddy, and its bad cause its his 56th Birthday! So Happy Birthday Dad, sorry things don’t always go the way we hope! But it will be okay, cause I made him chocolate chip cookies, the realllllllly good ones and we are having dinner at FIESTA MEXICANA!! wOO WEE!!!


So back to the pizza, doesn’t this cheese just look delicious??? I put a lot of it on there. And there was some super fresh tomatoes that I used and pesto that I had made in August and frozen!  So jump on down to see more pictures of this pizza…

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Wordless Wednesday: Traipsing around Frederick

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September Charm City Cookbooking: Monica Bhide

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Well hello there blogosphere! It’s been a while and my absence whenever it comes along is usually due to work being crazy. I feel like work is always getting crazy at some point during the month. Keep your fingers crossed that something that stopped working earlier this week is back and going full speed by early next sometime this week! So on that note, I will stop worrying about work and tell you about this food that we made a couple of weeks ago. Since we are having October cookbook club tonight scratch that it was Friday, boy am I a lazy blogger (Pioneer Woman Cookbook of course!) I thought I would finally force myself to sit down and write this post! Last month was hosted at my house and I chose Indian food. I have a bunch of wonderful Indian coworkers. One of them is Cynthia and she has made impromptu Indian rice dishes for us for lunch a couple of times over the past month. We loveeeee them, so I thought it would be nice to get her advice and cook some real Indian food! I also enlisted Roopa’s help to pick a cookbook and she told me that this author was great. I found Modern Spice at the Frederick library and so we went with that. When I initially looked at this cookbook I thought the recipes looked to simplistic for me (well you realize I do cook verrrry simply every night when I do cook for myself, but for cookbook club I like to pull out all the stops!) But as we started going, the recipes were not too simple, they were just right and they produced some amazing food.


This is me stirring my crab masala sauce in my beautiful christmas present I bought for myself! Gosh I love that pot and gosh I love this dish!


Here are three out of the five us in in cookbook club and boy do we have a good time when we are together. Check out my lovely kitchen in the evening light.. so beautiful!

And you know who else is so beautiful??? Colette Vie! I was holding her and Renee her sweet mommy snapped the shot. That child is perfect, just perfect.


So jump on over and see some more pictures of our Indian cooking that night!

Wordless Wednesday: Hello Fall! + a battlefield

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Wordless Wednesday: Walking to the Fair!

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Bissy the Bodacious Baker

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First off, did you know that my family nickname is Bissy?? My cousin Martha (Marfi) started calling me that (when she was one and I two) when she couldn’t say Elizabeth in full. Its cute and so commonplace now that when someone in my family calls me Elizabeth it sounds strange to me! Isn’t that funny??

So I really was a bodacious baker this past month. It all started with a birthday party, a 30th birthday celebration in late August… It was going to be a grand night of live folk music and singing and dancing and eating 40 peanut butter chocolate cupcakes! But this wee little baby that was inside Renee’s tummy decided she wanted to have a birthday party and so Colette Vie was born in the early afternoon on August 21. So naturally, I decided to become the cupcake delivery person and spread the numerous bounty all over Maryland! The best delivery I made was to Johns Hopkins hospital that day and the cupcakes were oogled over and savored by Renee’s large family and some of the nurses and hospital staff! See this delightful cupcake here below that was adapted from this recipe. Oh but I forgot! This was not the first of my baking adventures, I first made this recipe in cake form for my roomate Jenn who was celebrating her 30th birthday! And that cake went over SOOOO WELL I had to make it again in cupcake form.


So that was the cake(s) adventure. I took a week off and celebrated my birthday and then got back into the kitchen. One of my new best buddies at work, Kendra, celebrated her birthday in the middle of September and lucky her got to go on a cruise and became engaged on that trip! To send her off I made the smitten kitchen blueberry crumb cake. As I was making this crumb cake I realized that I was going to be seeing my sister for high tea on her birthday and HAD to make something for her! She loves coconut and even though I loathe the stuff with a passion, I went searching for a delectable treat with aforementioned ingredient. Joy the Baker came through for me and I got to test out my dough rolling skills with these toasted coconut cookies. Fortunately for my buddy Renee, she was able to reschedule her big birthday bash for the 11th and so I vowed to make something as amazing as those cupcakes. Joy the baker, she’s a winner, she makes me wittier every time I read her blog and she makes me look good. (In terms of tasty treats…) I found this recipe, a berry cobbler pie bar, and it rocked our socks off! So much so that I fully intend on making a double batch of it this Thursday for our upcoming housewarming/birthday bash! See the filling after the jump!

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The Woman, The Life, The Legend… Ree Drummond!

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Well hello October! I can’t believe you are here already, and I can’t wait to drink some apple cider and eat some butternut squash and sage real soon! And to celebrate October this morning I had some pumpkin butter from McCutcheon’s on my toast! Let’s hope Bryan has got some delicious fall food going on at VOLT today for lunch!! 😀 Okay so back to the post at hand, I had read that the Pioneer Woman was coming to town for the weekend of the 25th, but I did not know about my busy cookbook club and housewarming gathering schedule that weekend. Well as you can see, I was able to work it out and brought Mama and Jen with me!!! It was a verrrrry rainy morning last Sunday and so I was worried it was going to be like the last time I went to the Baltimore book festival… But the rain subsided and the sun almost started to peek out! We had an awesome parking spot (thank you Jen and the Maryland Club!!) and moseyed over to the festival with MUCH anticipation for her talk (Jen and Mama could attest to how hyper I was!)

So they had a funny bubble machine coming out of a vessel in front of the Washington Monument… that was quite hilarious to see.


And so we wandered around and found some more interesting characters! I love the Madeleine books. Cause well duh, she’s from France!


And then Frog and Toad came along. I remember watching an animated version of their books on PBS. And that reminds me of watching 3-2-1 contact and Reading rainbow! Does anybody else remember those shows too??


And then we went and got settled in our seats and lo and behold this tall drink of water appeared. Boy you are a sight girl!!


She just exudes grace and warmth. Don’t you think?? Or maybe I’m just too obsessed with her and reading her blog every day to notice if she looks like grace and warmth, because that surely comes through her writing! (oh and funny too, she writes the funniest things sometimes, and I won’t ever proclaim that she looks “funny.” so there.) 😀


Donna Hamilton from channel 11 moderated the talk. And she spoke about her funny spanx story from the DC book festival and talked about Marlboro man and the kids. Then she fielded questions from the audience and I got up the nerve to ask one. Other people were asking about recipes and blogging and photography, and thats all well and good ya’ll, but I wanted to ask something random and funny and that showed her I pay attention to the little things in her life. So what did you think it was about?? Well Miss Daisy of course! Ree retold the story of how their pet cow came into their life and basically assimilated herself as a human into the family. And the best part of the story was the cowpies! Oh Ree you make me chuckle to no end!


So as you can see I was able to wait in line (thank you Jen and Mama for waiting for me!) and I brought her a special treat! Berger cookies! I sure hope Ree and the punks enjoyed them the next day in Oklahoma!

Gosh that woman is so sweet. I told her about this blog and she told me to email it right over so she could check it out! So if you’re reading this oh so wonderful Pioneer Woman- Howdy to ya!

And you know who else is sweet??? Jennifer D’anna Dunbar! We lived together for a little more than a year and now that she’s officially my cousin, I love having her in our family. Me and her really get along and I really hope she starts her cooking and money saving blog! Cause it’ll be awesome! But for now we will have fun helping Marfi plan her July 3rd Baltimore wedding!!!! 😀


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