The Woman, The Life, The Legend… Ree Drummond!

October 1, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Entertainment | 2 Comments

Well hello October! I can’t believe you are here already, and I can’t wait to drink some apple cider and eat some butternut squash and sage real soon! And to celebrate October this morning I had some pumpkin butter from McCutcheon’s on my toast! Let’s hope Bryan has got some delicious fall food going on at VOLT today for lunch!! πŸ˜€ Okay so back to the post at hand, I had read that the Pioneer Woman was coming to town for the weekend of the 25th, but I did not know about my busy cookbook club and housewarming gathering schedule that weekend. Well as you can see, I was able to work it out and brought Mama and Jen with me!!! It was a verrrrry rainy morning last Sunday and so I was worried it was going to be like the last time I went to the Baltimore book festival… But the rain subsided and the sun almost started to peek out! We had an awesome parking spot (thank you Jen and the Maryland Club!!) and moseyed over to the festival with MUCH anticipation for her talk (Jen and Mama could attest to how hyper I was!)

So they had a funny bubble machine coming out of a vessel in front of the Washington Monument… that was quite hilarious to see.


And so we wandered around and found some more interesting characters! I love the Madeleine books. Cause well duh, she’s from France!


And then Frog and Toad came along. I remember watching an animated version of their books on PBS. And that reminds me of watching 3-2-1 contact and Reading rainbow! Does anybody else remember those shows too??


And then we went and got settled in our seats and lo and behold this tall drink of water appeared. Boy you are a sight girl!!


She just exudes grace and warmth. Don’t you think?? Or maybe I’m just too obsessed with her and reading her blog every day to notice if she looks like grace and warmth, because that surely comes through her writing! (oh and funny too, she writes the funniest things sometimes, and I won’t ever proclaim that she looks “funny.” so there.) πŸ˜€


Donna Hamilton from channel 11 moderated the talk. And she spoke about her funny spanx story from the DC book festival and talked about Marlboro man and the kids. Then she fielded questions from the audience and I got up the nerve to ask one. Other people were asking about recipes and blogging and photography, and thats all well and good ya’ll, but I wanted to ask something random and funny and that showed her I pay attention to the little things in her life. So what did you think it was about?? Well Miss Daisy of course! Ree retold the story of how their pet cow came into their life and basically assimilated herself as a human into the family. And the best part of the story was the cowpies! Oh Ree you make me chuckle to no end!


So as you can see I was able to wait in line (thank you Jen and Mama for waiting for me!) and I brought her a special treat! Berger cookies! I sure hope Ree and the punks enjoyed them the next day in Oklahoma!

Gosh that woman is so sweet. I told her about this blog and she told me to email it right over so she could check it out! So if you’re reading this oh so wonderful Pioneer Woman- Howdy to ya!

And you know who else is sweet??? Jennifer D’anna Dunbar! We lived together for a little more than a year and now that she’s officially my cousin, I love having her in our family. Me and her really get along and I really hope she starts her cooking and money saving blog! Cause it’ll be awesome! But for now we will have fun helping Marfi plan her July 3rd Baltimore wedding!!!! πŸ˜€




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  1. Glad you were able to make it to the festival. Sounds like you had a magical time meeting PW.

    • πŸ™‚ She’s amazing! I saw you were twittering with Kristin from lovefeastable that day. Sorry you missed it Wendi!

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