Cooking through Pioneer Woman: Pizza!

October 22, 2010 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner | 1 Comment

Yep, you will be seeing alot of her recipes this month. Why? Cause she’s awesome. Much like this picture. And you know what else is awesome?? How much I enjoy my job. Even when we are down in the dumps and scraping bottom, there is always something I can help with and I actually feel like I can contribute alot to keeping the train chugging along. There’s much to be said about feeling needed at work, I know that’s what keeps me motivated. My day is not complete until five people have come into my office in one hour saying this or that is broken and/or not working. I might be a little snippy at some of my coworkers, but everything always gets fixed and everyone is happy and able to keep doing what they need to do…

And just like work when there are bumps in the road, sometimes that comes along when you are cooking. Like say with this recipe, the crust may or may not have turned out like I wanted it to, but it was still edible so I went with it! And other bumps on the road on my horizon today?? There was a little one with my daddy, and its bad cause its his 56th Birthday! So Happy Birthday Dad, sorry things don’t always go the way we hope! But it will be okay, cause I made him chocolate chip cookies, the realllllllly good ones and we are having dinner at FIESTA MEXICANA!! wOO WEE!!!


So back to the pizza, doesn’t this cheese just look delicious??? I put a lot of it on there. And there was some super fresh tomatoes that I used and pesto that I had made in August and frozen!  So jump on down to see more pictures of this pizza…

Here’s my requisite cookbook recipe shot. Because really, this cookbook is alot prettier than other ones. Ree put those little cute pictures of random pretty things on every page. It almost reminds me of a personal scrapbook I would make to document a trip or something.


Here are those really good tomatoes I bought. I bought four of them from the Common Market back at the end of September. I used two of them for my crab masala and saved the other two for this pizza. I really enjoy having the common market 5 minutes away from my house! The quality of their fresh items is so good and they even have pretty good sales on items I normally buy! Like Luna bars? They have a stack of coupons next to the luna bar display so that the actual cost of the item is $0.90 unlike other stores where its $0.94 of $1.00! Most days I have a luna bar as a snack in that lull time around 3 pm to 4 pm… a way to keep myself out of the candy jar at work! (Caramel Nut Brownie and Nutz over Chocolate are my favorites right now!)


Okay so back to the pizza again. Ha. Below you can see the pesto cubes that I had made in August. I don’t think it worked as well as having fresh, but it was a very close second.


Here’s my bragging shot that I just had to throw out there. Ree loves me!!! I wish I could shout it from the rooftops!!!


So now we have the real meat of the pizza, the dough. I followed the recipe mostly. I used two cups of whole wheat flour and two cups of normal flour and followed the directions pretty well.


What I do think I did wrong was putting too much oil onto the pan before I spread it out. The dough had puffed up nicely (see above) but I think it was already pretty oily from the bowl and then I added insult to injury by adding more oil to the baking sheet! Normally when I make pizza dough from scratch I just put cornmeal down on the pan before I spread out the dough. So this batch of pizza had pretty soggy dough. I really enjoy a nice crispy crust and that just didn’t happen straight out of the oven. I attempted to remedy that by reheating slices in my toaster oven and it helped a little…


Check out that cheesy goodness footage right there!


Good ingredients, tasty toppings, just not the right approach for making good dough. There’s always next time!


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  1. woah, that cheese would make up for it for me! looks delish, and i love your p dub story!!

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