Satisfying Shab Row Bistro

October 26, 2010 at 9:11 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

Ned came to town a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the housewarming party at my abode. That Saturday was a beauuuutiful day and we wanted to enjoy a nice lunch together before the party started and sit outside! Shab Row Bistro fit that bill and we were very happy with our choice.

I like to take long walks around town to see all the pretty architecture and history that abounds in this town of mine. And I usually end up walking past this place frequently. I’m glad we finally took the plunge and got our dining on! Even though it was a beautiful day, I did kind of look longingly at the bar inside. The bar actually looks pretty neat, a long concrete kind of material with fancy little lamps spread out. It reminds me of a zinc bar or something (like I know what a zinc bar looks like!)


This place is very new looking and cool. If Ned lived in town with me I bet we would mosey over there all the time and hang out at the bar. Because I mean this place is very much walking distance! Do you have any awesome places within walking distance that you spend too much time at??

And the food at Shab Row Bistro? The food was very good. So go check out some cool and yummy looking pictures!


I like how this winery signage is hiding up on the roof!


Here’s the restaurant from far away.


A little closer!


And super close! This logo shows up on the metallic cased menu. Love the detail.


Ned ordered a sangria. Fruity drink for my fruity boy. 😛


Ned ordered the ‘hand cut ny strip, caramelized onions, blue cheese aïoli on a toasted baguette served with pommes frites.’ See the sandwich below and this was the best thing we ordered for lunch that day! Bread was perfectly crusty and chewy and the blue cheese was so flavorful as was the steak. I liked it better than my choice…


Which was the salad comprised of  ‘duck confit, arugula, red grapes, haricots verts, pine nuts,
truffle oil, grape vinaigrette.’


The dressing was nice and light and the duck confit was very unctuous. I like how the grape theme of the salad fit nicely into the whole theme of the restaurant and wine store! One thing I did miss from the salad was the haricot verts (green beans) and I would have liked that crunchy texture addition to the salad. Since this was a modest amount of salad, I helped Ned finish off his duck fat fries. And they were good… crispy, had a nice flavor from the duck fat, and nicely salted… but I wish they had a dash of fresh herbs. Guess I’m used to Annabel Lee’s version.


But you can never go wrong with duck confit. Oh how I love that quacker meat!

Overall, a very fine establishment with very nice items on the menu. Service was very attentive and the ambiance was great! We will definitely go back!

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  1. Everything looks lovely–the day, the food, the company!

  2. Elizabeth, Mary and I were just in Frederick last weekend. Good thing we didn’t know about SRB because it may have lured us away from bbq.

    • so how did Mary like Black Hog??

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