A morning at Betty’s

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Good monday morning to ya’ll! Hope your weekend was as food & fun filled & relaxing as mine! Actually Saturday was spent traipsing around with Jen and grandma getting our christmas shopping done and yesterday was full of online shopping for abuelita and me! Loved it! Love finding coupon codes… its an obsession! Another obsession is finding great places to eat brunch with my bunny!

Ned found this one (Betty’s) and he had recently taken his Grandma and Mama there for his grandmother’s birthday so he knew I would love it. This place is just lovely! Very homey, a little hipster & quaint, and produces some very good food!


Good food just for me! woo wee!! Go for the jump and check out some lovely ambience and fare!

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Wordless Wednesday: Stupified by Sol LeWitt

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Hockey, Subs and Cupcakes in Buffalo

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Right after I arrived in Buffalo off the plane from Baltimore, I was whisked away in Ned’s chariot (Ford Taurus baby, yeahhhh) to the Buffalo Sabres game!! HSBC Stadium is huge and very nice (especially when you are viewing it from the Club Level!)  Ned is very lucky to have a father with connections in that town. We had a great time and it was a very good game. I especially enjoyed watching two four year old girls cheering the game behind me with their respective Dad’s. Too bad the Sabres aren’t playing up to par this year… there’s always next year!! and there still is a very long season ahead of them, so maybe they’ll improve??


The picture above is before the hockey game where the crowd moves the Sabres enormous flag around the whole stadium. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Buffalo Sabres playing hockey in Buffalo. They are commemorating that with an awesome exhibit in the Albright Knox Art Gallery. I have pictures of that, so stay tuned!  And if you feel like seeing some junk food, go below!!!

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Thankful Tuesday

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Well it looks like all of your dedication and wonderful assistance really paid off! Because I won the Charm City Current category in the Mobbies competition! And there is no way that happened out of pure luck. It happened because I have devoted family and friends who really support this hobby of mine. So to all of you to whom I am speaking: THANK YOU!!!


I leave you with this beautiful rose that Ned and I happened upon in the garden outside of the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. There are lots more cool pictures and good eats from my weekend trip there 10 days ago. So stay tuned for that!

Wordless Wednesday: Running around Catoctin Mountain

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A Very Fall Salad, courtesy of Deb

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I love fall. And this naturally comes in part from how awesome fall foods are! The pumpkins, the squashes, the very filling food! I saw Bethany and Kelly on Halloween and we decided to cook at Kelly’s house that night. I went searching for a healthy, vegetarian, fall dinner meal. (Alot of constraints, eh??) And it was the easiest thing! Because Deb had just posted on this recipe that fit the bill exactly! It’s a big ol salad with many fall ingredients that come together so deliciously.


First, some roasted squash, then lentils, goat cheese, arugula, mint and squash seeds! All pulled together with a nice swish of vinegar and olive oil. Very filling and very different from what I normally cook for myself!  Go check out some more pictures!

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October Charm City Cookbooking: Ree Drummond!

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This post should really be named, a collection of pictures of Colette Vie being held by different cookbook club members! All while we devour The Pioneer Woman Cooks food! We had a great time that night and the food was so good too!

Let’s start off with this one of me and the baby.

then we can go to Julie and the baby.


and then here are my silly cookbook club friends, with decorations! (i’m sorry… I know its no longer Halloween but I couldn’t resist!)


and then we actually made some food! So jump on down and see our food!

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Should have been yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday: Rocks State Park

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Pioneer Woman Cooks: Chili!

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I will now divulge one of my pet peeves: having too many things in the freezer/pantry! Maybe its cause I’m cheap/frugal and/or creative. I find much joy by finding recipes that will help to use up ingredients just sitting around the kitchen! So when my Auntie Helen said she would be making chili for a bridesmaids event I got thinking that I should make some chili for my roomate Jenn and I! Jenn had a pound of frozen turkey in the freezer and I had a big can of tomato sauce and can of diced tomatoes in the pantry. So with that I ran, by first stopping at my pioneer woman cookbook and then off to Common Market!


Don’t you love that blue crock?? My roomate apparently “borrowed” it from a former roomate of hers and now I’ve been using it every time I eat this chili! Something about it just screams country and home cookin. And atop the chili I put sour cream and shredded cheese. For the recipe please go here, but to see my additions go below!

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