Pioneer Woman Cooks: Chili!

November 1, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner | 2 Comments

I will now divulge one of my pet peeves: having too many things in the freezer/pantry! Maybe its cause I’m cheap/frugal and/or creative. I find much joy by finding recipes that will help to use up ingredients just sitting around the kitchen! So when my Auntie Helen said she would be making chili for a bridesmaids event I got thinking that I should make some chili for my roomate Jenn and I! Jenn had a pound of frozen turkey in the freezer and I had a big can of tomato sauce and can of diced tomatoes in the pantry. So with that I ran, by first stopping at my pioneer woman cookbook and then off to Common Market!


Don’t you love that blue crock?? My roomate apparently “borrowed” it from a former roomate of hers and now I’ve been using it every time I eat this chili! Something about it just screams country and home cookin. And atop the chili I put sour cream and shredded cheese. For the recipe please go here, but to see my additions go below!

I chopped up two jalapenos, seeds removed.


Then I took some maseca (corn flour and a staple in my mexican kitchen!)


Here’s the masa mushed up with some water.


And the token cookbook recipe shot. See the chili is made for cowboys! Apparently I think I’m a cowboy. πŸ˜›


Three additions I used in their cans. I also used a big can of tomato sauce, I mean a BIG can! and cooked it down to evaporate some of the liquid from that. Because of that I didn’t have to use extra water like Ree said in her recipe.


Here’s the tomato, ground turkey, garlic and spices mixture cooking down!


And then once the sauce and meat was done (about an hour later) I added in these fixings!


and voila! Dinner for me and lunch for Jenn for 5 days! suhhhweeet!!


Oh you want to know how it tasted?? Well mine was spicy, cause of the jalapenos I would think… But the sour cream and cheese cut that spiciness a bit so thats good. I love the texture of the meat and the flavor of the beans. I love that she uses masa to make the whole thing a bit thicker. I think I can taste the corn flavor from the masa, but I’m not so sure! This recipe is definitely going in the books as my standby, cause I think it tastes good and really it was pretty simple to prepare! Just takes two hours total time to make, but only like 30 minutes of actual work!



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  1. Elizabeth, the weather is finally cooling off which must mean it’s chili and stew season!

  2. I love PW’s chicken chili…there’s something about the cornmeal!

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