October Charm City Cookbooking: Ree Drummond!

November 5, 2010 at 10:00 am | Posted in Dinner | Leave a comment

This post should really be named, a collection of pictures of Colette Vie being held by different cookbook club members! All while we devour The Pioneer Woman Cooks food! We had a great time that night and the food was so good too!

Let’s start off with this one of me and the baby.

then we can go to Julie and the baby.


and then here are my silly cookbook club friends, with decorations! (i’m sorry… I know its no longer Halloween but I couldn’t resist!)


and then we actually made some food! So jump on down and see our food!


This my friends, is Julie’s hot artichoke dip. Excuse the yellowishness of the pictures! Joanney has fancy not conducive to food photography lighting. πŸ˜€ HOT ARTICHOKE DIP. Make it, you friends will DEVOUR it. Much like we did! Ooops?? And we still had three more courses!


Next we had the sherried tomato soup. Damn fine soup Alayne! So rich, so flavorful, so perfect. Much better than the tomato soup I partake in every once in a while that comes out of a can, (ahem Campbell’s.)


Ah ha, the entree. Masterful entree it was. Company Pot Roast, with divine mashed potatoes, and Renee’s burgundy mushrooms to boot! It felt like thanksgiving it was so good. Or it felt like we were Joanney’s company (which we were!). I think I loved the mashed potatoes the most. The cream cheese addition to that recipe is a very smart one (tangy and well just smooth and tangy).



And my contribution to this feast?? Upside down pineapple cake. Never made a cake in a cast iron skillet before ya’ll! Loved it, loved the pineapple, loved the light cake, and loved being terrified as I flipped the whole thing upside down!

So all in all, Ree- you know how to collect some really good recipes together. Everything we had was amazing. Homey, filling, tasty, just perfect.


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