Hockey, Subs and Cupcakes in Buffalo

November 18, 2010 at 10:44 am | Posted in Appetizer, Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment | 1 Comment

Right after I arrived in Buffalo off the plane from Baltimore, I was whisked away in Ned’s chariot (Ford Taurus baby, yeahhhh) to the Buffalo Sabres game!! HSBC Stadium is huge and very nice (especially when you are viewing it from the Club Level!)  Ned is very lucky to have a father with connections in that town. We had a great time and it was a very good game. I especially enjoyed watching two four year old girls cheering the game behind me with their respective Dad’s. Too bad the Sabres aren’t playing up to par this year… there’s always next year!! and there still is a very long season ahead of them, so maybe they’ll improve??


The picture above is before the hockey game where the crowd moves the Sabres enormous flag around the whole stadium. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Buffalo Sabres playing hockey in Buffalo. They are commemorating that with an awesome exhibit in the Albright Knox Art Gallery. I have pictures of that, so stay tuned!  And if you feel like seeing some junk food, go below!!!

This my friends, is not junk food. This is me and my best darling bunny who I also call Ned sometimes. He’s the best. Mostly because he takes me to eat late night ‘after hockey game’ food and let’s me eat cupcakes at 3 pm in the afternoon.


So here we went! To Jim’s Steak Out. Apparently this place is an institution in Buffalo. I would say this is “Buffalo’ Food too. Greasy, hearty, and tasty.


We took our food home. I got the Steak and Cheese and Ned got the Chicken Finger Sub. Yeah they were good. Mine was better… which was clearly evinced by Ned eating the last third of mine!


Next day after our jaunt to the Art Museum we went wandering along Elmwood Avenue. It’s a very hip street. There’s this cupcake place, a cool fabric place, (Elmwood Village Fabrics), some yoga studios, hair salons, and a chocolate shop! As we drove up the street I spotted this Cupcake bar and declared that we must stop and go wander in! I got one cupcake and it was made to order.


Lord Almighty that was a good cupcake! Really moist and vanilla-ey cake. I got the maple syrup cream cheese frosting and topped it with oreo crumbles, mini chocolate chips and vanilla cookie crumbles. And I almost forgot to take a picture it looked so appetizing!


After the cupcake enjoyment, we went into the fabric store and I ooohed and ahhed at the Amy Butler fabrics. I’m becoming very smitten with her work. Need to find something to sew so I can use that fabric! Or maybe I’ll just get Laurita or Mama to use this to make me a beautiful camera strap cover!!


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  1. ha, that’s funny- i went to jim’s when i was in town. it was like 2am, and we were drunk. the place was bumpin! there was even cop action outside to keep us entertained. and v. jealous of the sabres game!

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