For Auld Lang Syne…

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Well look at this! Another year is finished and a new one so ready to start tomorrow!  I am now in the Buffalo area and ready to spend a fun night in Lewiston!

Niagara Falls

Photo courtesy of Wolfgang.

Instead of posting about our Savannah trip, I thought I would do a recap of the last year! So go for the jump and check it out!

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Wordless Wednesday: Tybee Island

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Wiley’s Championship BBQ

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Well hello there! Are you still reeling from the Christmas feasts like me?? So many cookies, not enough pioneer woman cinnamon rolls, too many roasts!

Well I don’t know if you feel like reading about barbeque today, but that’s what I have to talk about soooo…

without further ado… Meet Wiley’s! This was the second day feast that Ned and I had while in Savannah. His parents had raved about this place and so we definitely had to check it out!


This place was definitely a little tricky to find (as it is in an unassuming strip mall on the way to Tybee Island!) After our meal the wife of Wiley, Mrs. Janet McCrary herself asked us about my photography and our meal. We were so pleased to meet her and there was no hiding our happiness with our lunch! Just splendid! Go check it out folks!

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Elizabeth’s Cookie Christmas 2010

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This post is brought to you by SUGAR OVERLOAD. That’s right, cookies are made with sugar!!!! What you thought they were made of just spice and everything nice?? And I may or may not have sampled each of the cookies photographed in this spread. Darn you Jenn for not being home while I was doing this photography!


So go for the jump and see each one upclose and nab the recipe if you are so inclined!  And just cause its fun, why don’t you go click on this link and bring up some musical enjoyment for your christmas celebrations and cookie post perusing.

Merry Christmas Friends and Familia!!!

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Wordless Wednesday: Seasons Greetings!

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The Lady and Sons

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Hold on to your hats folks, cause this is going to be a wild ride!!! What in carnation are you talking about crazy Elizabeth you ask?? Welllllll if you couldn’t tell from my Wordless Wednesday’s…. Ned and I went to Savannah exactly two weeks ago!!!  This trip was not widely publicized on facebook and such silly things, because not so silly things are happening in my life again… Annoying things, things that make me try to pick at my one weird hair right behind my left ear for hours on end… (yes I have a mild form of this and yes I know I just overshared….) Scratch that! Looks like I have the same job with a new company starting this morning! But two good things resulted from those annoying things. #1: Ned and I had a week of free time to travel to Savannah and stay in his parents “someday soon we will retire to where its warm and say goodbye to Buffalo – Skidaway Island house!” #2: Now that I am home from said trip, I have also had time to bake up 6 different christmas cookies and a batch of caramels!

Enough about that, let’s get to the fun stuff!  So what does one do when they are in Savannah?? Where does one eat?? Like you had to ask! At the restaurant of the butter queen herself.


As much as I like to think my palate is all macarons and duck confit, I am a simple girl. And simple girls like me like good country food. And so my friends if you wish to partake in some viewing of that good simple country food, please go for the jump.

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December Charm City Cookbooking: Sushi

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This month was hosted by Renee! We got an early start in the month and that was good because weeks and weekends fill up around this time of the year like its nobodys’ business! She found this book on Sushi and boy was it a thorough one. Probably 50 different rolls and a couple of soups, noodles and rice dishes thrown in there. Three of us made rolls, and then we had a shrimp & rice dish and tempura & noodle soup!

The asparagus was one of my three simple rolls that I did. Blanched vegetables with rice and some nori really can taste delicious!!


Julie made this one. A Mango and avocado inside out roll and the icing on the cake was having it rolled in the tempura fried bits of batter. My favorite of the evening.

And so you want to know something funny to me? We were so stuffed by the end of that night! Apparently sticky sushi rice expands to infinite proportions in your stomach! So hop on over to the Charm City Cookbooking page to see the rest of the post!

Wordless Wednesday: On Wormsloe Plantation

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November Charm City Cookbooking: Mario Batali

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This episode of Charm City Cookbooking had some exciting events.. episode?? what do I think we are famous or something??? Well we’re going to be! At least to the semi interested readers of Baltimore Magazine! Thanks to Dara and Kit, our group was nominated for a story about supper and cooking clubs! The gracious writer Maria Blackburn joined us and we were all so happy to have her join us. She fit in so well with the crazy witty crew we are going to have her join our club for as long as she can stand it!


Here is the lovely Maria. She really jumped in and was helping with the cooking in addition to taking lotsss of notes. Her story is due in January and the article will come out in the March issue of Baltimore magazine!


The night had a plethora of amazing dishes and the best one was the most time consuming of them all. See Mike (Julie’s husband), Alayne and I doing filling duty for the multitude of ravioli!!!


So jump over to our Charm City Cookbooking page and check out the rest of the night!

Wordless Wednesday: A lovely carefree day…

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