Stuffed at Shango

December 3, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Dessert, Travels | 2 Comments

Speaking of stuffed! I’m stuffed right now! Almost done with the thanksgiving leftovers of potatoes and stuffing. (mmmm that stuffing). But its okay folks because I just got back from spinning class!! You heard it right… something has motivated me to get my butt moving every day this week and it has not stopped! Thank you Kendra for helping to start me going!

Okay so what was I talking about?? Stuffed?? Well it sure happened to Ned and me at Shango in Buffalo! This was the last stop of my eating adventures in town. And it was basically the only meal we had that day! I had been to Shango once before with Ned’s parents when I was in town for business like three years ago and it was a lovely dinner. I knew what was in store for this meal!


The restaurant is right across from the University of Buffalo and so has a funny liquor license… Apparently no hard liquor to be exact! The inside is warm and chic all at the same time. Now go for the jump and see some food porn!

Here was Ned’s apple cider “mimosa.” You can never go wrong with apple cider! Love that stuff.


I ordered some herbal tea and once I had a sip of Ned’s drink I ordered one too! Tea was great, love having my own teapot and brown sugar cubes! Speaking of brown sugar cubes… it is weird that I put that on my wish list for christmas??


Then we had some bread.. some cornbread and french bread and rye bread??


And our appetizer – ‘Two avocado spring rolls, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted corn, cilantro pecan pesto, chili pepper garlic sauce, seaweed salad.’  I loooooved the cilantro pecan pesto. This tasted asian and indian to me all in one fell swoop. Maybe Indian was on the brain because of the awesome feast we had at work that Friday to celebrate Diwali!


Here was Ned’s entree – ‘Two poached eggs over smoked salmon hash, cornmeal fried oysters, creole hollandaise sauce.’ Boy he loves his poached eggs and he loves his oysters so this was the perfect choice!


The brunch menu was a little egg centric for me so I started to get worried…What was I going to eat??? (Like I actually worry about that…) I was actually considering eating the black pepper linguine chicken dish… but for brunch?? come on! Then I heard the specials and there was a Brussel sprouts and sweet potato bake with eggs. I nixed the eggs and was soooo happy with my entree. I am obsessed with both of those vegetables so much and an addition of bacon didn’t hurt either. 😀


To add insult to injury to my filling meal so far they brought a cheddar cheese buttermilk biscuit! That with some butter? It was pure heaven.


Whats this?? Dessert?? Yep, we’re crazy like that. Peanut butter pie with concord grape sauce. Oh Lord just take me to you, I am set for life!


Yep, food really doesn’t get much better in Buffalo (like I know what I’m talking about…). It was good, very good and I know I will be back.

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  1. looks delicious!

  2. dude, that all looks SO good!! hope you had a nice visit with your bunny (tho i know you did). maybe we can catch up at xmas??

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