The Lady and Sons

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Hold on to your hats folks, cause this is going to be a wild ride!!! What in carnation are you talking about crazy Elizabeth you ask?? Welllllll if you couldn’t tell from my Wordless Wednesday’s…. Ned and I went to Savannah exactly two weeks ago!!!  This trip was not widely publicized on facebook and such silly things, because not so silly things are happening in my life again… Annoying things, things that make me try to pick at my one weird hair right behind my left ear for hours on end… (yes I have a mild form of this and yes I know I just overshared….) Scratch that! Looks like I have the same job with a new company starting this morning! But two good things resulted from those annoying things. #1: Ned and I had a week of free time to travel to Savannah and stay in his parents “someday soon we will retire to where its warm and say goodbye to Buffalo – Skidaway Island house!” #2: Now that I am home from said trip, I have also had time to bake up 6 different christmas cookies and a batch of caramels!

Enough about that, let’s get to the fun stuff!  So what does one do when they are in Savannah?? Where does one eat?? Like you had to ask! At the restaurant of the butter queen herself.


As much as I like to think my palate is all macarons and duck confit, I am a simple girl. And simple girls like me like good country food. And so my friends if you wish to partake in some viewing of that good simple country food, please go for the jump.

This is a hoe cake. I don’t know if that is correctly spelled but all that matters is that I took that one first bite and I died a little inside. Mostly because this is the savory fried version of a pancake and it came straight from heaven. And Lord, if you are listening, please let me eat these up there.


The texture is so greasy but so crispy on the outside and it just tastes like butter I guess.

They serve that glory to God with this biscuit seen below. It has cheddar in it and I was not interested. Crazy right?


And then came the tea. Tea makes me hyper you see, cause it has a teensy amount of caffeine and that is enough to send my ‘high on life’ butt flying! It was good that we drank so much tea in Savannah cause we walked alottttt and once a day on this trip we would have a lethargy inducing meal, which started with this one. I chose unsweetened tea for this stop, but later in the trip I realized I could have half and half unsweet/sweet tea. I loved how the waiter would do a two pitcher pour at once to produce this half and half drink of mine!


And because we looooove the fried green tomatoes at Miss Shirley’s, we wanted to see how Paula’s sized up. I think Paula’s won, mostly because she has talent with this breading and frying technique…


I liked the diced onions you could top it with.

And then we got to the main event. The buffet. What does one choose when encountering the Lady and Sons buffet?? FRIED CHICKEN YOU CRAZY PERSON! and other things like sweet yams, collard greens, green beans, mashed potatoes (ohhhh yes) and macaroni and cheese.


How can you deny the brilliancy of this concoction??? She is a master and I am down on my knees bowing in recognition of that. The crispyness of the outside and the flavorfulness of the chicken inside are just too good for words. And the other cool thing about how I plated my meal was that some of the sweet juice from the yams traveled over and gave the bottom side of this fried chicken a sweet hint. I could not stop ooohing and ahhing.


And then I went back for more and got a wee taste of my favorite things from the previous go round and also added some black eyed peas. They were great. And do you all know of the good luck tradition eating those peas brings on new years day?? I’m really fixing for some luck these days so I think I will make sure 500 of these are eaten for breakfast come January 1.


We then took a half an hour breather from that smorgasbord and then were served dessert. This is Ned’s banana pudding. While I can enjoy a fresh one from the peel most days, I don’t like to have it in dessert form, so Ned had nobody intruding on his dessert this meal! He liked it very much.


And then I met my match. Gooey. Butter. Cake. This one was a chocolate chip layer and chocolate cake rendition. On the second visit we made to this establishment on our second to last day of our trip, I had the pumpkin gooey butter cake. The pumpkin was more to my liking. But really… this cake is just to my liking. Thank Gosh they only serve you a 2 inch square of it! (Is it bad that I was so tempted to ask for more dessert on each of these visits??? Don’t worry – I abstained from that). BUT, I did not abstain from making said gooey. butter. cake. confection once I got home. I made these cookies to go into my cookie christmas gift boxes this year and I’ll have you know that I did not use a box mix (I made a chocolate box mix for that recipe!) and I’ll also have you know that I only ate one of the 40 cookies that resulted from that recipe. I have a maid of honor dress that I declare must be too loose on me come July 3rd and I am determined to have to make Auntie Martha take it in for me!

Okay okay back to the G.B.C. It’s the bees knees.


And there she is in all of her christmas glory. I don’t know what it is about me not wanting to pay homage to some of the Food Network cliche chefs/cooks. Cause that “Hey Ya’ll” thing is so cliche, but really people, her kitchen knows how to cook an awesome simple country meal. And that is all that matters.


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  1. I just about had a heart attack when I saw the title of your post. I’ve literally made every recipe from her Lady and Sons cookbook and cannot wait to go to the restaurant one day!

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