Wiley’s Championship BBQ

December 27, 2010 at 11:26 am | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 4 Comments

Well hello there! Are you still reeling from the Christmas feasts like me?? So many cookies, not enough pioneer woman cinnamon rolls, too many roasts!

Well I don’t know if you feel like reading about barbeque today, but that’s what I have to talk about soooo…

without further ado… Meet Wiley’s! This was the second day feast that Ned and I had while in Savannah. His parents had raved about this place and so we definitely had to check it out!


This place was definitely a little tricky to find (as it is in an unassuming strip mall on the way to Tybee Island!) After our meal the wife of Wiley, Mrs. Janet McCrary herself asked us about my photography and our meal. We were so pleased to meet her and there was no hiding our happiness with our lunch! Just splendid! Go check it out folks!

This lovely arrangement was on every table in the restaurant. LOVE IT. I love being able to notice a woman’s touch in her establishment.


This sign was on the wall. Hilarious. Sorry Bethany – I know you’re a lover of veggies!


And so we started with the veggies! Fried pickles! The favorite appetizer on the menu! A couple of years ago when I had a job where I traveled every week around the country I became enamored with fried pickles when I visited Pascagoula, MS. Those babies were perfect. Gosh I’m craving them right now!


Then we went perusing on the menu and decided to go Big! We got the sampler plate: beef brisket, pork and ¼ chicken with the addition of 4 rib bones all for 24.99!

Would you like to see that lovely bones footage?? Feast your eyes friends! The pink smoked part of the meat went very far down these ribs! Good sign of a championship piece of pork.


And we had some pulled pork to feast on too. Look at that crust action. Yum yum.


Their Mac & Cheese has some huge noodles! Looks like they use a white cheddar, it was very decadent.


Roast chicken too. So moist, so tender. Loved it.


We also got the ‘Best Beans on the Planet’ for a side. Different color bell peppers and three different beans. It was tangy and had good barbecue flavor.


And just because I’m a glutton, I got some peanut butter pie for dessert. Ned helped me with it a bit so that was good. The peanut butter and whipped cream layers were great, the crust a little too hard to sink your fork into.


Thank you Wiley’s for a delicious and filling lunch. We are sure to be back.

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  1. Elizabeth, I could dive right in to a big plate of savory right now. I’ve been tormented by too many sweets this month. Some bbq sounds absolutely perfect.

    • Right on about the savory Wendi.

      I wish I had those pickles and those beans on my desk right now!

  2. Oh man, those pickles…

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