For Auld Lang Syne…

December 31, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 2 Comments

Well look at this! Another year is finished and a new one so ready to start tomorrow!Β  I am now in the Buffalo area and ready to spend a fun night in Lewiston!

Niagara Falls

Photo courtesy of Wolfgang.

Instead of posting about our Savannah trip, I thought I would do a recap of the last year! So go for the jump and check it out!

Ned and I rang in the new year with Bobby, Jen, Bernadette and a bunch of their friends! Good times (especially staying up til 4 am playing guitar hero!) We started the Cut the Cake initiative in my family to get healthy for Bob and Jen’s wedding and I was able to lose 10 pounds! (which of course I gained back but that’s the new task for the new year!)

Then in February, I was very proud of myself for making tamales from scratch for cookbook club! And the snowpocalypse happened, and that was great fun. I think Ned, Laurita, Jen and I really bonded over that week. πŸ˜› At the end of the month I flew up to Portland, ME and visited my friend KT! We had lots of good eats and even better times.

March was very busy at my job in Dundalk and then things went from bad to worse? (or better?) when I lost my job.

April was spent making lots of pans of cheap box brownies and trying to find a new job! With that free time I was able to spend an afternoon at Sherwood gardens when the tulips were in full bloom and so I started my Wordless Wednesday’s because of that!

A couple of days before the start of May, I got a new job in Frederick! I made my first batch of strawberry freezer jam and Laurita also graduated from Towson University! My family spent one Saturday morning making hundreds of mexican wedding cookies and now we have the hang of that crazy operation for the next wedding! My friend Stephanie got married in Frederick and Ned and I got to check out my new town for the first time, including a meal at Volt!

June was full of wedding events for Bobby and Jen and now we have a new cousin in the family! My family also got to see Grandpa on the field for the Oriole’s 1970’s World Series Reunion.

July was busy because I moved to Frederick in that month! Also celebrated Father’s Day with Grandpa in Timonium and Papa in Frederick! The cookbook club girls and I hosted a surprise baby shower for Renee!

August was really fun because Ned got his PhD and we had lots of celebrations with that! I also finally started my Charm City Current blog with the Baltimore Sun! And by the end of August the birthday celebrations were in full force!

September had some fun baseball games, lots of eating out in Frederick, a trip to Chicago for my friend Gina’s baby shower, and I got to meet the Pioneer Woman!

In October, Jenn and I hosted a housewarming/belated birthday party at our house in Frederick and Ned and I made some stellar pulled pork!

November, I took a trip to Buffalo to see Ned, made some awesome meals with Beffy and Kelly, welcomed our new member Maria to cookbook club and cooked a full thanksgiving dinner with Laurita here in Frederick!

So this past month, the laboratory closed and so Ned and I were able to take a trip to Savannah, GA for a week! Stay tuned for more meals with that. My best Christmas present this year was having a new company take over our lab and now I have a job again!

And for the next year?? I am very much looking forward to visiting Ned in the new town where he will hopefully get a job in the next couple of months. I am so excited to be the Maid of Honor in Marfi’s wedding on July 3rd. And I can’t wait to see how great this lab is going to turn out!

Hope you all had a great year too and that next is even better!!!



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  1. What a year you had Elizabeth! Looking forward to following your adventures in 2011!

    • I’m amazed I made it out with a smile on my face!!! I look forward to seeing your adventures too Beth!!

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