Rancho Allegre

January 7, 2011 at 12:00 am | Posted in Appetizer, Dinner, Travels | 2 Comments

Happy 1st Friday of the year everybody!! Hope your week went as fast as mine. It was filled with lots of random tasks at the lab and lots of exercising after work (4 nights worth!!) Auntie Helen clued me into this iPhone app last night (MyFitnessPal) and it has really invigorated my weight loss goals for the year! So pray that I keep it up and stick to my little app.

So what are we here for again?? Oh PORK! You realize my life does revolve around pork… And Ned’s too, but also in a sick way. He was hyped up on french press coffee on Wednesday and kept sending me pictures of teacup piglets! I love me some doggies generally, but Ned is trying to convince me we need one of those at some point in the future! Crazy Ned! Ned is also on the funny happy train because his references and contacts are starting to produce real job leads!! Keep your fingers crossed that there is an interview scheduled in the next week!!! So yeah, we went to Savannah, remember?? And we found this gem because of Design Sponge. The Rancho Allegre restaurant is definitely away from the bustling downtown, but it was well worth the ten minute drive!


We were in cuban heaven for sure! The roasted pork they serve is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The restaurant also had a nice ambience and so I neglected/decided to not use my flash, so be aware, there are some crazy yellow pictures after the jump!

They started us off with buttery rounds of toast. Plain and simple and very satisfying.


And we got some drinks! Ned got a monster beer and I got a Mojito. Definitely a nice way to unwind after our days of walking nonstop!


Then we got an appetizer, the sampler to be exact. ‘Chicharritas, croquetas, empanada and papa rellena.’ The empanada was filled with beef and cheese. It tasted very authentic (ah I miss you Fiesta Mexicana…)


These babies were the croquetas, full of ham and cheese! Mozzerella sticks on crack!


This was the fried potato with meat filling. Love fried balls of potato, how can you wrong? You can also see the plantain chips in that picture, love those!!!


Ned got the lechón asado with rice and yuca. And boy there was alot of pork on that plate and because Ned pretty much loves pork more than he loves me, he finished it!!! (j/k bunny :P)


I got the tamal en hoja y lechón. A ‘cuban tamale on corn husk with roasted pork.’ Oh me oh my I was in heaven. Tamales are one of my favorite latino foods and that roasted had SO MUCH good roasted porky flavor it was ridiculous!


We declined dessert, that would have been ridiculous! So all in all, this was a very reasonably priced dinner for the amount of food that was served. The restaurant has a large space and is decorated with beautiful plates, paintings and colorful pillows. I cannot wait to take Ned’s parents back there, they are going to love it!

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  1. Mmmmm that food looks goooood! Sending job finding vibes out to Ned!

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