Zesty Zunzi’s

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You know those places, those tasty lunch places you wish you had right around the corner from your house or work? Ones that make really tasty, healthy, fast and cheap food? In my mind those include One World and Atwater’s, but now Zunzi’s is definitely on that list.


We found this place from the same list on Design Sponge and are so glad we found it! This establishment unlike Rancho Allegre, is right smack dab in the middle of the tourist section of the city. Very close to the parking garage Ned and I started to use every day!Β  Go check out some more pictures of the place and some sure to be food porn!

When we arrived at 1 pm on a Thursday the shop was all hustle and bustle! Might have been tooooo hustle and bustle because they confused up my order, but it was all right in the end, so no biggie. The decoration is very colorful and there are lots of neat mementos from living in Savannah on the walls and lots of signs about other local businesses and concerts going on. I like the chalk board menu at the top! I think the kitchen is upstairs, but the sandwiches are constructed right in front of your eyes!


What did I tell you?? Food porn! This was the Godfather that Ned chose. It had chicken, onions and the special boerewors sausage. I was intrigued by the special sausage, but the nice lady owner made sure to get me to try it first. It was a little too much full of “spice” for my tastes so I went with something different! Ned also shared my feelings for that sausage, but he was a good little eater and finished it!


I was verrrrry happy with my sandwich choice that day. And I was also happy the clouds were obstructing the bright midday sun so I could have the perfect lighting for these shots!


I got the portobello mushroom sub with zucchini, hummus, cheese, spinach and tomato on french bread! A very big portion full of amazing fresh veggies for 7.95? I’ll take it!


And they give you a big amount of their two special sauces. One is a marinara sort of creamy concoction and the other is like a white garlic sauce. I could be totally off on those guesses, but either way, they were creamy and just perfect for smothering on top of our sandwiches! If I worked in downtown Savannah I would definitely have this for lunch, but as a every couple of years tourist, we might not come back…

Go check it out if you are hungry for some healthy lunch!

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