Gotta Love the Crab Shack

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So I saved the The Crab Shack for last, but it was certainly not the least! Ever since I knew Ned’s parents were going to buy a house down in Savannah, I heard about this very restaurant! It’s kind of like a mecca! And with an advertising phrase like “Where the Elite eat in their Barefeet!” how could you go wrong??


The vast seating at the restaurant and the entertaining spots and pretty views make this place seem like a vacation spot all on its own! And, yes AND, they have pretty good low country fare! Now go check out some alligators and food that does not include alligator meat!

Case in Point: Alligator #1. This one was a doozy of a fella! It must suck to be continually held upside down!

Oh wait… You’re fake! The blasphemy I tell ya…..


#2: He (or she) was lurking in the water, waiting to pounce on his fellow gators..


#3,4,5,8,10,15… They’re multiplying! (Like gremlins???!?!?). Did I ever tell you the story of when Ned freaked me about just proclaiming there were gremlins in my first apartment. The story went just as I just explained, and I don’t know why it scared me so!


OK, okay, back to the crab shack! We did go to the restaurant for some dinner, in addition to the gator spectating…

Neddy got a Red Stripe. We always used to have these at JHU Chemistry happy hour’s for some reason… I got a half and half sweet/unsweet tea (which was par for the course all that week!)


And we got seated in the heated “indoor” section of the restaurant. I love the christmas lights and the lanterns made from crab bushels!


For the appetizer (Ned’s appetizer), he ordered a round of oysters! They weren’t his favorite oysters because they were from the gulf… In his experience ones from up the North East coast have more flavor! But he ate them all, no reason to waste perfectly good seafood!


And then we got to eating the main event! Ned got the Capt Crab Sampler – an assortment of in season seafood with potatoes, sausage and corn. Here was the sausage, it was really good.


And some wacked out Alaskan crab legs (don’t get me started on trying to get me to eat any other crab than MD Blue, I just WON’T DO IT!!!)

Crawfish… those are tasty, especially sucking the head juice!


And the veggies! which were made tastier with a plethora of sprinkling of their “Old Bay” seasoning.


and some Mussels…


I decided to not be as adventurous as my crazy bunny, and got the simple Low Country Boil. I loovvvvved my meal. The corn, the potatoes, the shrimp and the sausage! Did I tell you we loved the sausage??


And because I couldn’t walk away without trying one last dessert courtesy of Savannah, I got the key lime pie. My mama loves her some Key Lime Pie and I’ve gotten pretty good at making it, so this one had some high standards to go against. And I just wasn’t feeling it. This might seem crazy, but there was something in the crust that just reacted very strangely to my tastebuds. Maybe it was lime zest?? But it tasted like moth balls to me! I made Ned try it and he hardly tasted that strangeness at all and so he finished the remaining 2/3’s! (And he likes to say he doesn’t like sweets… you’re silly Ned!)

After dinner we walked to the dock area, I really loved the lights. And they had some small fire pits to keep everyone warm that wanted to hang out there.


I really look forward to coming back here when its warm so I can really kick of my flip flops and eat some low country food barefoot! If you are in Savannah and want to go towards the beaches for an afternoon (aka Tybee Island) stop here for a meal fo sho!

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  1. Wow, that food looks absolutely amazing! I tried the link to the Crab Shack above, but it didn’t work though, so I guess I’ll have to track it down with trusty old Google πŸ™‚

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