Afternoon at Acacia

January 28, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

Happy Friday Friends!!! Hope you are fared well in the snow! I’m headed up with my buddy Erica to see one of our best friends from college, Jana! I remember a trip to see Jana back in 2008 when I was starting to look at food blogs, namely Tartelette, and how excited I was to find her recipes! Oh how time flies! I can’t wait to see what exciting dining trips we have up there in Bellport! (And it might snow again!) So now lets go back three weekends and check out a trip in Frederick…

The morning after our healthy feast, we felt good! On Saturday night, we had fun at NOLA listening to the house music and sipping on their amazing cocktails. The oatmeal cake was good for breakfast with a bit of jam. By 11:30 we were ready to brace the cold and have lunch and do some window shopping! I was trying to figure out a restaurant that had good, ~$12 brunch food and decided on Acacia. None of us actually got real brunch food, but it was a lovely bright meal! And we did get an amuse bouche from the chef which was nice!


I snagged a front table, it seemed much more interesting than the back dining room. At some point, when Ned and I were walking downtown and checked out the dinner prices, we felt they were a bit steep for what they were offering. Lunch is a different story… I think the meal we were served was definitely worth a $12 entree! Filled me up for the rest of the day and it was very tasty too. Go check it out below!

I got an orange juice, had to inject breakfast into this meal somehow! Cute glass and nice garnish.



Then came the amuse bouche, chocolate donut bites, covered in lots of powdered sugar, with a black salted caramel sauce for dipping! These were such a surprise and REALLY GOOD.


Then we got to the pasta!


Kelly got theparpadelle woodsboro – extra wide egg noodles tossed with dorsey’s country ham, local farm fresh eggs, and parmesan cheese.’ Those fresh noodles looked sooooo good and I think she really liked it!


Bethany went veggie, of course, and got pasta with a hot red sauce, (I think shrimp?) and green onions. I found it kinda strange that they added the two crescent rolls to top it off!


Sis got the steak burrito. It had egg, spinach, steak and cheese. She luuuurrrved it. The fresh salsa was nice too.


Check out that eggy burrito footage!


I got the ‘spinach angolotti – italian sausage bolognaise, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, peas.’ The pasta had great texture, and the sauce was very spicy and flavorful. I love peas, so they were a nice addition to this dish.

All in all, this restaurant definitely has some high points to it! They try to use all local meats and vegetables, which is great. But I think sometimes the menu feels a bit disjointed, could be my own strange opinion… Also I wished there were more non-egg breakfast options, and the french toast sounded crazy, maybe a waffle would do them good?

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  1. Yay i was excited to read about and see our pics from that fabulous weekend yay!!!!

    • And what a fun weekend it was sista!!

  2. Black salted caramel dipping sauce!! OMG! I need that recipe! I love the crescent roll “garnish” too. Quirky food is so fun.

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