PW’s Buttermilk Biscuits

January 31, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Cookbooks | 6 Comments

See that jelly goodness?? It’s apricot Bonne Maman. yummmmmm. I had it leftover from X-mas cookie making and it went perfectly on top of the biscuits Jenn and I made. So last Thursday night Jenn was pondering what to bring to a “Dessert Dinner” bible study. She had the idea of strawberry shortcakes, and so I looked high and low for other interesting options, but in the end what did I come up with?? Strawberry Shortcakes! Great minds think alike, right? So I convinced her that we should try to make the shortcakes. That turned out so-so, but I can definitely pin point out reasons for that.


See, I have this problem. It probably started when I was six in Mrs. Paaby’s first grade class. I may or may not have “learned” to read in that class. One would think, that me having a masters degree in Chemistry, would lead one to believe that I can read. But clearly from my baking adventures this past week, I have a problem reading, especially when it comes to recipes!

Go for the jump and see some step by step plays of Pioneer Woman’s recipe!

Jen left the house to get the strawberry and cream ingredients for the rest of the dessert, so I got all of the biscuit ingredients ready! Notice the new lights that Jenn’s Dad, my landlord, installed in the kitchen?? LOVE EM!!


Ree’s lovely cookbook. It’s so purty.


So we mixed the dough in the food processor, which might have lead to the lack of poof in the biscuits. But then we kept mixing with a fork, (we? I mean Jenn! She was the muscles of this operation!)


Then she got to the rolling, and since I don’t have any circle cookie cutters, we used a pint glass!


And then they went into the oven, and when they came out, they were nicely browned. But definitely lacked some height! Some other reasons why the biscuits may not have turned out perfect: there was a mix up between the baking powder and soda measurement and so we “eyed” how much was added! And when I made the buttermilk, I neglected to stir in the vinegar into the milk, which left a 1/4 buttermilk + 3/4 milk liquid that went into the batter. So needless to say, this was not our best attempt at making biscuits from scratch, but at least the flavor was right!


Here is a shot of petunia with her buddies.


Apparently, the biscuits + strawberries + cream were eaten without consequence at the bible study and I finished off the really flat ones for breakfast over a couple of mornings!  So it wasn’t a total loss! Next time, read the recipe Elizabeth!!!!



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  1. I think the lack of vinegar was probably to blame. But the important thing was they tasted good!

  2. Bakewell Creme must be used when making biscuits. It make the best biscuits that always rise highest. Crisco is tasty, but lard makes reallllllly yummy biscuits. That apricot jam on a biscuit looks TASTY!!!

    • Bakewell creme eh??

  3. P.S. now we know what to get you for a present 😉

  4. You ‘eyed’ how much was added! Too funny. They look yummy with the apricot jam.

    • Eyeing is a proper verb, right?? yeah bonne maman is where its at

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