Cream Cheese Celebrations

February 4, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Dessert | 4 Comments

Thats right, in two occasions I celebrated the existence of cream cheese!

Riiiighht Elizabeth… So maybe I celebrated the birth of my Aunt Helen and the birth of my friend James’ daughter Lila! Either way, they were both born in January and both of their celebratory cakes used cream cheese icing! And a cake with cream cheese icing is a cake I want to eat!

Oh baby oh baby. So abuelita was all about surprising Auntie Helen with a birthday party for her 50th birthday. Auntie Helen had to go and ruin it somehow (silly Auntie Helen) and so it got changed to a birthday brunch! So we had cake for brunch! (and a bunch of normal brunchy American breakfast things and some mexican food too!)


Thats a pretty good looking cake, eh? Abuelita made the cake part earlier in the week. Actually she made TWO different red velvet cake recipes, one of them by Pioneer Woman and one from an old newspaper clipping. The crumb from the pioneer woman cake was much finer and a little drier than the other one. Abuelita gave me the task of frosting them and because the pioneer woman one turned out prettier, we ate that cake! Grandma has this fun comb tool to make the pretty lines, it worked out nicely.

So on to the next cake… James‘s wife Kristen was due in early February with their first child. Since James is my buddy, I wanted to somehow celebrate that at work! So a month before her due date, I started getting everybody together to organize a pot luck one Friday for lunch. It turns out that miss Lila was affecting Kristen’s body in such a way that she needed to come out! So like 17 hours later Lila was born and we had to postpone the “shower” lunch! James was back to work a week later and then we got to feast! Before all of this happened, I was prodding him for his taste in cake. His friend Tricia had just started a food blog (a lovely one at that) and he remarked how good her cupcakes looked! I forgot that they were gingerbread cupcakes instead of chocolate cupcakes and decided to use my standard chocolate cupcake recipe, courtesy of Ina. (you see I don’t read…you remember this, no?) I then realized I had these little pink bunny sprinkles in the pantry and so a white icing was required!


Soooooo….. go for the jump and see some funny pictures of me and auntie and a view of my cupcake icing adventure!


Isn’t she adorable??? I love her scrunched up face, I think it was saying ” But I don’t want to turn 50! ”


And then she got over that and gave me her classic Auntie Helen look, ” I’m going to kill you if you don’t stop reminding how old I am! ” Maybe thats a happy face though… like ” Well at least I get to eat that Pioneer Woman cake.” Auntie Helen was the first one to introduce me to good ol Ree. I am very thankful! So anyways, she had a wonderful birthday brunch and has many more fun things to look forward to this year, (namely her daughter Marfi’s wedding in July!!!)

Ok, so I threw this cupcake icing together, figuring it would just work. I took one room temperature package of neufchatel cream cheese and two sticks of butter at room temp and started whipping them together. Then I added probably two cups of powdered sugar, some vanilla extract and some vanilla beans!


I had hoped that I could pipe the icing and make a nice little swirly design. So I filled up these funny pampered chef icing tools and started to pipe it out. That darn icing just wanted to go flat (I should have added more powdered sugar??) and so I just took a knife and smoothed out the top. I think they turned out alright anyways! Some day I will make a “pro” looking icing job!


Yumm = chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting and pink decorations. πŸ˜€



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  1. And they were mighty tasty, too! Mmm Mmm!

    • Why thank you James!

  2. I love red velvet cake. So elegant especially with the combed sides.

    I am sure that more confectioners’ sugar would do the trick for the piping, but sometimes with cream cheese icings it is better for them to be less sweet. The cupcakes look adorable as is.

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