Sisterly Love on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Appetizer, Brunch, Dessert, Entertainment | 7 Comments

Love love love is in the air! Hope this find you full of love today, whether it be from within, or from your siblings, mother, father, grandparents or that special someone. This Saturday I had a Tea Lunch at the house and Jen, my cousin, her sister Rebecca, my sister Laurita and my roomate Jenn were all there!

I stopped at the Stone Hearth bakery to get some bread for the finger sandwiches and could not resist these pink heart sugar cookies. And they were very tasty too! The bakery was full of tasty treats and realllllllly good looking bread (the french white I got tasted wonderful!), I can’t wait to go back!


In addition to the love from “my sisters,” I can’t wait to share some love with Neddy this upcoming weekend. Ned had an interview in Boston last Friday and was well received at the consulting firm! Keep your fingers crossed! And know what today is?? His Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Darling Bunny! I am taking him to VOLT on Friday for lunch! Lots to celebrate!

So if you would like, go for the jump and see the lunch my sisters and I shared on Saturday!

Here is the table, all ready to dig in! I got my grandmother’s china out and pressed all the napkins and placemats. I was insane fluttering about on Friday night thinking about all of the things I have to incorporate into this fancy little lunch!


Here are my beautiful ladies!


Ahh tea. This is a strawberry rooibos tea from wegmans, we also had green tea and apple spice tea from Baltimore Coffee and tea! You can see Jen’s wedding set silver and Kate Spade china tea cup with my great grandmother’s saucer and a doily. Don’t even get me started about doilies! I am now obsessed!!!


We started with a salad whose recipe is similar to this one from Martha Stewart, but also added a combination of different greens to beef it up!


Here is the lovely stand with finger tea sandwiches! Cucumber on the top two tiers, and shrimp salad and chicken salad on the bottom two tiers! The cucumber sandwich recipe I used came from this blog. I still have leftover cream cheese mixture… no idea how to use it!


Mmmmm chicken and shrimp salad from Wegmans on the French white bread from Stone Hearth. (We had to take a shortcut somewhere!)


Then we got to the dessert portion of the lunch! I attempted to make a “healthy” scone with a recipe from Nick Malgieri. In anticipation of this upcoming weekend, I chose a recipe from him! I am excited for a Baltimore food blogging get together on Saturday night where he is going to tell us about his new book!


It used, including other things, oatmeal, flour, buttermilk, and I also chose to use dried pineapple and dried cherries! I left the scones in a circle disk on the baking sheet and so the middle took a long time to bake… which might have overbaked the outside, but overall it was a really good scone!


Then we got to the real fun stuff! Jen received this fondue pot for her wedding last June and we were so excited to whip it out! We did a combination of 85% (that Ned had given me for X-mas) and Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips! I neglected to take a picture of the final chocolate amazingness because I was so excited to dig in once we got the chance! Believe you me, it was pure bliss! In an another attempt to eat “healthy” we used mostly fruit to do our fondue. Strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and orange segments. Strawberries and bananas were my favorite.


This lunch turned out so perfectly. I was amazed by what we all pulled together! I can’t wait to do more of these in the future! I must.



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  1. a tea party is such a cute idea!

    • It was a tea party!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Elizabeth.

    • Thank you Wendi! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  3. you made me want to have a tea party! or, rather, just tiny sandwiches, mmmm…

  4. Those heart cookies are SO cute! 😀

  5. […] ok back to baking… Because I had leftover really good local buttermilk from the scones I made, I wanted to make some other treat. I love having something sweet to eat for breakfast and […]

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