Wordless Wednesday: Beantown with Bunny

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Wordless Wednesday: Our Jefferson Cup Winner!

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A Quick and Easy Giada recipe

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Quick and easy with Giada – that sounds wrong right?? You know whats wrong about her (at least to me) is the amount of chest she shows on her show! Geez Louise lady! Because I share that particular body part situation, I am allowed to stand on this soapbox! It was all cool in college and my younger 20’s but now, not cool! And now I will step off of my soapbox… So I needed to make a dish I could eat for lunch and dinner for a couple of days and remembered I had some pretty pasta in the pantry. (whoa whoa alliteration). I went searching on deb’s site as I usually do and found this recipe!


It was quick and easy and tasted real good – everything you could ever ask for in a recipe, right?? And somehow eating this for a couple of meals last week helped me to lose 3 pounds! How does pasta do that??? Maybe it was the lack of processed sugar and baked goods in my diet…. Yeah.  Go see some more pictures…

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SIP’s Third Birthday

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Can you believe it?? I’ve been talking about myself and the boring food I eat for three years?!?!? Most of the food I do eat is boring, and that stuff doesn’t go up on the blog, but then I admit some is exciting. Like the meal at Alinea, the macarons I made in the beginning, and this lobster dish Ned and I made.  I am thankful beyond words can express for this blog. It has changed my life 100% for the better and I have all of you, my sweet devoted readers, to thank. So please enjoy this tulip shot I took at Sherwood Gardens last spring. I can’t wait for spring, oohweee!!!


Lastly a quote that I nabbed from one of my favorite blogs to read… This totally describes my journey over the past three years, all except the marriage part (but keep your fingers crossed for that one).

“Every one of us is called upon, probably many times, to start a new life. A frightening diagnosis, a marriage, a move, the loss of a job… And onward full tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore. To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another – that is surely the basic instinct… Crying out: High tide! Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is.” – Barbara Kingsolver, High Tide in Tucson

Frederick Restaurant Week 2011 at Cacique

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Happy St Patrick’s Day Friends!!! (And happy 100,000 hits to me!!) I know this post clearly has nothing to do with being Irish, etc… So let me try to make that connection… Based on my love for Guinness and the fact that my aunt Martha said I looked very much like girls in Ireland when she went there like 10 years ago and the fact that my dad is adopted, I truly think I have Irish heritage. The other part of my heritage is Mexican, so because that, this post totally makes sense (as long as we are speaking about my heritage!)

When I heard there was a restaurant week coming up in Frederick, I went searching high and low on the restaurant list. It turns out I have been to nine on the list! So I remembered that Jenn, my roomate, really loves Cacique and I had not been there before, so there we went! The food was much better than I expected… maybe it was the cheesy sign that turned me off before?? Who knows, but once again I am reminded to not judge a book by its cover.


I am so glad I had such lovely dinner dates – Jenn, Michelle and Laura! They were totally gracious about me picking the table (this one had really good light) and letting me snap their food before they chowed down! I love the Dorsch family!! So now go check out the awesome food shots I got, probably one of the best for a restaurant at night.

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Krazy bout Kale Lasagna

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Here we go again with an awesome vegetarian meal!! (See the previous ones made here and here.) So the tradition has become that Bethany, Laurita, Kelly and I get together once a month (or two) and cook a vegetarian meal and then go hit the local watering hole (whether it be Hamilton or Frederick)! Bethany is a vegetarian and I am so thankful she is, because it makes me search high and low for a good inventive dish. And this dish we found hit the spot! My cousin Jen had forwarded me these cool dried pineapple flowers as a bridal shower idea and it’s blog, Annie’s Eats, sparked my foodie blog interest! So when I started to think about searching for a vegetarian dish, I went there! And this Spicy Kale Lasagna was so easy and SO GOOD, I am uber thankful I found it.


Each of us brought ingredients and we whipped this together in about an hour and 15 minutes! The kale is really what did it for us, it was so meaty, it went perfectly with the rest of the soft lasagna ingredients. And it also had cottage cheese in the recipe instead of ricotta and we couldn’t even tell! Go for the jump to see more pictures…

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Wordless Wednesday: Laura’s Art Teaching in Action

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Obsessed with Nick’s Scones

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See that lovely scone footage before you??? That my friends is a recipe I have deemed worthy to give out to my friends and family! Even though this recipe is not from Nick’s newest cookbook, I am happy that I am using his recipe. He was such a lovely man to meet and maybe shaking his hand gave me some more baking skills? (hahaha)


I love using the dried fruit in this recipe, I feel like it makes it nice and healthy and using the oatmeal kicks up the health a bit too. The cinnamon and sugar topping on top really clinched it for me though, when you heat up the scone in the microwave the smell of cinnamon really gets into the air! So go for the jump and see how I made them (third time) this past Saturday morning.

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February Charm City Cookbooking: Claire Robinson

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This month was very fun for me, why?? Cause it was at my house AND we got to look at ourselves in the March edition of Baltimore Magazine!!! Check out the online article right here! So I chose this cookbook because someone I know is obsessed with Claire Robinson… She loves cooking french food, has a funny little french bulldog and spends her Sunday afternoons drinking beer and watching golf. I wonder who has that obsession?? So I was in the bookstore one day and laid my eyes upon this cookbook and Claire’s. I must admit I do enjoy some Food network cookbooks in my collection (Ina & Tyler) so looking at her recipes made me equally happy. And lucky for me, that certain someone bought both books for me for Valentine’s Day!!!

So last Saturday night was a busy one! We had seven of us (six of the crew + 1 special guest!) But wow were these recipes good. Like 90% of them! So on this blog post I’m going to write about my blackened catfish. The post on our Charm City Cookbooking blog was getting too large for my taste to talk about this too, so there we go!

I made the compound butter in the afternoon before everyone arrived. Very fragrant. I think Claire was kinda cheating because for this recipe one of the 5 ingredients was Creole seasoning (which has like 7 ingredients in it). Since I could not find any creole seasoning up in the Frederick, I decided to make my own! And Emeril came through with this piece. So I added that creole seasoning, some lemon zest and juice and two sticks of butter! Hot damn! I didn’t use up all of the butter, so for a serving of 7 you could probably get away with one recipe of this. So now the next time I make fish, that compound butter is coming out of the freezer!


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Wordless Wednesday: Beantown Bound

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