February Charm City Cookbooking: Claire Robinson

March 4, 2011 at 11:23 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner, Entertainment | 8 Comments

This month was very fun for me, why?? Cause it was at my house AND we got to look at ourselves in the March edition of Baltimore Magazine!!! Check out the online article right here! So I chose this cookbook because someone I know is obsessed with Claire Robinson… She loves cooking french food, has a funny little french bulldog and spends her Sunday afternoons drinking beer and watching golf. I wonder who has that obsession?? So I was in the bookstore one day and laid my eyes upon this cookbook and Claire’s. I must admit I do enjoy some Food network cookbooks in my collection (Ina & Tyler) so looking at her recipes made me equally happy. And lucky for me, that certain someone bought both books for me for Valentine’s Day!!!

So last Saturday night was a busy one! We had seven of us (six of the crew + 1 special guest!) But wow were these recipes good. Like 90% of them! So on this blog post I’m going to write about my blackened catfish. The post on our Charm City Cookbooking blog was getting too large for my taste to talk about this too, so there we go!

I made the compound butter in the afternoon before everyone arrived. Very fragrant. I think Claire was kinda cheating because for this recipe one of the 5 ingredients was Creole seasoning (which has like 7 ingredients in it). Since I could not find any creole seasoning up in the Frederick, I decided to make my own! And Emeril came through with this piece. So I added that creole seasoning, some lemon zest and juice and two sticks of butter! Hot damn! I didn’t use up all of the butter, so for a serving of 7 you could probably get away with one recipe of this. So now the next time I make fish, that compound butter is coming out of the freezer!


Here is the log of that buttery goodness.


And a recipe shot. It’s a pretty cookbook and has gratuitous pictures of Claire looking all “something.” Yep Ned’s totally in love with her. ha….


Later that night Alayne helped me prep. The Common Market came through and I got five big ol filets of fresh catfish. Probably could have gone with 4 for 7 people!


We coated each filet with a good amount of my creole seasoning and in it went into the Cast Iron pan. Pressing on the fish with a spatula while it was in the pan for 2 minutes really helped to get it more blackened. And thanks to Beth for keeping me company while I worked on the fish!

After we blackened it on each side, it went into a long pyrex with lemon slices and globs of butter scattered and then into the oven. All those juices really came together in the oven and made for a very tasty dish!


Here it is ready to eat with some of the cooked lemon slices and ripped up chives. I made rice to help with some of the juices too, that was a good idea (thanks Nee nee!)


So jump on over to the Food network for this recipe. The seasoning flavor was a really good idea and of course the butter and lemons brought it to a whole new level. Love me some catfish now!



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  1. That looks so good! And as a side note, Claire is totally hot. :p

    • Thanks KT! Yeah she is 🙂

  2. Great article, congratulations! I really do love the idea of a cookbook supper club, but, alas, here in NYC no one’s kitchen is big enough to hold more than even two people. 😦

    That last photo is great – when did you get the D70? (I’m jealous.)

    • Thanks Roopa, yeah you need to find someplace with a bigger kitchen stat! I got the D70 about two years ago. Got the body off of craigslist for like half price and then got that super nice macro lens from amazon!

  3. I believe it’s bloody marys, not beer, so even better!

  4. very cool Biss to be in Baltimore Magazine. great article

    • Thanks auntie! You can see it in print at grandma’s house, I brought her a copy!

  5. thanks for the shout out! Cookbook club was tons of fun!

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