Krazy bout Kale Lasagna

March 11, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 3 Comments

Here we go again with an awesome vegetarian meal!! (See the previous ones made here and here.) So the tradition has become that Bethany, Laurita, Kelly and I get together once a month (or two) and cook a vegetarian meal and then go hit the local watering hole (whether it be Hamilton or Frederick)! Bethany is a vegetarian and I am so thankful she is, because it makes me search high and low for a good inventive dish. And this dish we found hit the spot! My cousin Jen had forwarded me these cool dried pineapple flowers as a bridal shower idea and it’s blog, Annie’s Eats, sparked my foodie blog interest! So when I started to think about searching for a vegetarian dish, I went there! And this Spicy Kale Lasagna was so easy and SO GOOD, I am uber thankful I found it.


Each of us brought ingredients and we whipped this together in about an hour and 15 minutes! The kale is really what did it for us, it was so meaty, it went perfectly with the rest of the soft lasagna ingredients. And it also had cottage cheese in the recipe instead of ricotta and we couldn’t even tell! Go for the jump to see more pictures…

We blanched the kale and after much drying with kitchen towels, Laurita chopped it up and put salt on it.


Bethany grated my very old block of parmesan cheese..


And Kelly helped me put together the layers! I love seeing my friends (and sistas) hands preparing this meal. I was certainly the kitchen nazi or “bitch” as we coined that night b/c we got there after 6:30 and I was determined to eat dinner sooner than later! And I am so happy my friends went along with my “bitchiness” and whipped this meal up very fast!


Some nice dollops of the quick tomato sauce which I forgot to add lemon juice to… oh well!


And here it is right out of the oven. Gosh I love the smell, texture and taste of oven crusted cheese!!!!


I will 100% most certainly be making this lasagna again. Actually this weekend I’m going to whip up a similar version of the bones of it and just replace the kale with ground beef. So maybe it won’t be similar at all, but Annie’s recipe is surely an inspiration to me now!



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  1. This look delicious! I would have certainly been miss boss in the kitchen if I was hungry!

    You’re on my blog today too!

  2. Kale has been my new favorite veg lately. It seems to be popping up in recipes everywhere. I’ll definitely be trying this.

    It is so cool that you and your friends cook together.

  3. You are yet again making me hungry….looks yummy.

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