Birthday Tea for Jen at Julia Faye’s!

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It is very fitting today that I am posting about tea! Because if you are reading this around 5 am, I am sitting in my bed watching the Royal Wedding, while drinking tea and eating these shortbread cookies (spiced up with vanilla sugar and earl grey tea flakes!)

We had a lovely birthday tea celebration back in the beginning of the month for my cousin Jen. Did I tell you how much I love Jen? She’s the best, she’s been my partner in crime for baking, shopping, organizing, creative thinking for almost two years now and I am so happy she’s my cousin now!!!

She loves going to tea and we have done that in a multitude of places the past year or so. We went searching for another tea place and happily stumbled upon Tea by Julia Faye. This tea house is super close to where Jen lives so it was perfect for her birthday celebration!


Nestled in a cool old house near Cylburn Arboretum, Julia has decorated the space up nicely. And the food was just as beautiful as the decor and ambiance! Go check it out!

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Wordless Wednesday: Go PSU!

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Going veggie with Allison and Rob (&B-boo)

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Remember when I told you I went to Hopkins for grad school? Well maybe I never told you.. trying to repress those memories…. I left with my master’s and I left with a whole bunch of great friends, but aside from those two things, that was all that was good! Two of these friends, Rebecca (B-Boo as I like to call her) and Allison lived right down the street from me and we would have lots of fun adventures. Becca also helped me ace an advanced NMR class! The lives of my two friends are changing up alot this year and because of that I get/got to see them! Allison recently graduated from Cornell with her PhD in Engineering and moved from Ithaca to DC (with Rob, her wonderful boyfriend) and Becca will be graduating soon with her PhD from Yale in Biophysics and will be moving to San Diego for her post-doc! (Did I also mention my friends are supergeniuses?? It’s something I deem worthy of lots of bragging!)  Becca’s sister, Jess, just came back from Lahore Pakistan where she was working for the state department and so we found a weekend where we could all get together!!!! 😀


There were so many fresh vegetables used that night, it was ALL vegetables actually! Oothapams, a yellow curry potato dish and spiced cashews were on for dinner and Allison made us chocolate dipped orange slices for dessert.  I love learning new ways to eat vegetarian (different from my normal lunch routine of a huge bowl of salad with a good dollop of hummus, an apple and a Chobani!)  Rob took charge of cooking our meal and we helped (well mainly I just took pictures) (what a nice boyfriend!!!) Go for the jump and see our delicious meal…

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Expecting Better at Red Bones Barbeque

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Are you ready for the shock of your life???  Well this isn’t going to be that, but it was definitely an enlightening and frustrating lunch for me. I found some “good” barbeque, Red Bones, in Boston that I didn’t really like! 😡 Grrrrrrrrrrr. I really wanted this place to be good, because it will be like a 20 minute walk from Ned’s apartment, but the cards were just not right.


Really cool facade but most of the food just wasn’t doing it for me. Ned on the other hand was happy with his choices, maybe I was cranky pants from the shopping trip of the century?? Who knows! But go check out some good pictures!

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Wordless Wednesday: Sights of Spring

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Tasty Tacos at Anna’s Taqueria

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Saturday night, after the biggest shopping bonanza Boston has ever seen, Ned and I attempted to go to Red Bones Barbeque for dinner. What were we thinking?? Hour and a half wait at 7:30 pm. We said adios and headed to a place right around the corner: Anna’s Taqueria . Apparently this place is a local chain, but I confirmed it was a good one, so my belly was happy after that very long day.


Ned was not so happy, because (after too many days of eating chipotle burritos or something like that) he ordered a burrito and it was just okay. I was much smarter and ordered the house special: tacos! All three meats they offer. Very wise choice indeed…

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Being Predictable at Petit Robert Bistro

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Heyooo, remember when I went to Boston?? Yeah that was three weeks ago… Life is getting in the way of blogging! (the nerve!) So Ned moved to Boston in the beginning of March and he had some time to poke around before I went to visit him three weeks later. One night he was walking down the street (commonwealth ave to be exact) and saw this restaurant like a beacon of light! Well maybe it wasn’t a beacon, maybe it was a lit up eiffel tower…. 😀 Later, he looked up this restaurant, Petit Robert Bistro, and then also later proclaimed that I would love this place. So when I made my plans to fly to Boston, we decided on this restaurant for a romantic Friday night dinner!


As long as Ned still counts me taking pictures while eating a three course meal romantic, then we are good! But there were some points when he was like “just eat!” oh silly Ned.. I was so excited because I figured out white balance right before that night and realized I could make my normal yellow dark pictures (helloooo, do you remember this post??) actually look good! Well this was a fantastic meal with my fantastic bunny boyfriend. I can’t wait til we both live there and can go to this place on a whim! On a whim, you might ask? Well this restaurant has maintained a less than $20 an entree feat for the past 6 years it has been open! So it will surely become a “on a whim” kind of place! Go check out my purty pictures…

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Wordless Wednesday: A Shower for Jana!

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April Charm City Cookbooking: Melissa Clark

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Last Friday night Maria (our resident writer) had us over for her first Cookbook Club at her house!  Her house is suuuuuper lovely and so charming. I could totally move in (with Alayne) and we would take full use of that reading nook in Mia’s bedroom and that awesome side porch! The young lady of the house, Mia, made us these adorable placecards for the dining table, with her fancy writing! 😀


Our food was good, as always, maybe not as amazing as French Laundry but most of the recipes were simple and delicious! Go check out Maria’s post at our CBC blog here, and go see some more pictures of my ensalada and fun!

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Wordless Wednesday: Those Red Sox fans better start praying…

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