Being Predictable at Petit Robert Bistro

April 15, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 1 Comment

Heyooo, remember when I went to Boston?? Yeah that was three weeks ago… Life is getting in the way of blogging! (the nerve!) So Ned moved to Boston in the beginning of March and he had some time to poke around before I went to visit him three weeks later. One night he was walking down the street (commonwealth ave to be exact) and saw this restaurant like a beacon of light! Well maybe it wasn’t a beacon, maybe it was a lit up eiffel tower…. 😀 Later, he looked up this restaurant, Petit Robert Bistro, and then also later proclaimed that I would love this place. So when I made my plans to fly to Boston, we decided on this restaurant for a romantic Friday night dinner!


As long as Ned still counts me taking pictures while eating a three course meal romantic, then we are good! But there were some points when he was like “just eat!” oh silly Ned.. I was so excited because I figured out white balance right before that night and realized I could make my normal yellow dark pictures (helloooo, do you remember this post??) actually look good! Well this was a fantastic meal with my fantastic bunny boyfriend. I can’t wait til we both live there and can go to this place on a whim! On a whim, you might ask? Well this restaurant has maintained a less than $20 an entree feat for the past 6 years it has been open! So it will surely become a “on a whim” kind of place! Go check out my purty pictures…

This metal eiffel tower was less than 12 inches away from me. I think I was in a dream…. haha. You want to hear my cliche story?? The couple sitting next to us on the banquette saw me taking pictures and smiled. They mentioned they always take pictures of food on vacation. I mentioned I had a food blog and then they asked what the name of it was. I lost words my friends. I was so embarrassed that the name of my blog was surrounding me in real life, and so I could not keep myself from saying how cliche it was, but s…i…p. 😀


We started off with a fresh warm demi baguette. With a big ramekin of butter.


Ned ordered the trio of homemade pates with condiments. The first one was a chicken liver mousse, the second was a mixture of pork, duck and goose, and the third was made from just pork. The third was my favorite of course, but I sheepishly tried the chicken liver and was amazed how smooth it was. Like butta.


It was a chilly evening, and the walk from the T paired with my skirt/bare legs combination, I was ready for something warm! I spotted the french onion soup on another table and watched as the diners pulled the multitudes of cheese from the bowl with their spoon and I was sold (predictable much??)! It was everything a french onion soup could ever be. And I love that the serve it in the classic bowls.


Ned ordered the lamb shank with merguez sausage. It was a good warming and flavorful winter dish. The shank was perfectly braised to a fork tenderness!


I went predictable again! and ordered the duck confit. Oh baby oh baby this was amazing. The duck meat was so insanely flavorful and tender and that skin was very good too. It came with a good assortment of fresh vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes) and some grilled sausage. I wouldn’t have missed the sausage, but me oh my I can’t wait to try that confit again!


See how much I loved it? I practically ate the bones!


We could have not gotten dessert, based on how full we already were, but since we were in so deep… Ned ordered the grand marnier souffle. That boy always has to order something with a fruit twist to it. He liked it but I liked my choice alooooot better.


I would call this my most predictable choice of the evening. Profiteroles are basically my favorite things in the entire world to eat. I will and always have lived for ice cream (speaking of ice cream, I bought some red velvet cake ben & jerry’s earlier this week and boy that stuff is out of this world too!)  and the fact that this ice cream treat comes with a bit of puff pastry and a truckload of chocolate makes it perfect for me!


This truck load of chocolate may have woken me up with a stomachache at 4 am the next morning, leading me to organize up a frenzy in the room where Ned kept his belongings at Zach’s house, but we’ll leave that story for another time.

My friends, my fellow lovers of French food, this is a sure spot to enjoy just what we live for. Go eat there!

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  1. Looks delicious!

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