Tasty Tacos at Anna’s Taqueria

April 18, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 2 Comments

Saturday night, after the biggest shopping bonanza Boston has ever seen, Ned and I attempted to go to Red Bones Barbeque for dinner. What were we thinking?? Hour and a half wait at 7:30 pm. We said adios and headed to a place right around the corner: Anna’s Taqueria . Apparently this place is a local chain, but I confirmed it was a good one, so my belly was happy after that very long day.


Ned was not so happy, because (after too many days of eating chipotle burritos or something like that) he ordered a burrito and it was just okay. I was much smarter and ordered the house special: tacos! All three meats they offer. Very wise choice indeed…

Here’s the simple board of mexicano goodness.


And the pans/trays of the aforementioned goodness…


We got an appetizer. I think Ned was craving guacamole. The chips were so nice and salty and the guac was perfect (flavorful, right texture). Have I told you guys about my vice as of late? Chips, tortilla chips to be exact… Don’t need sweets or ice cream, just give me chips and I am golden! Golden a chip?


Here was the steak taco. The meat was flavorful and had the right texture (not too chewy but not too tough either) and I loved all the fresh veggies they put on top. One of the toppings was super spicy (read = awesome).


Anddddd pork! Gosh I love pork!!! It was pretty porky and that was a good thing.


If you are ever in a Mexican restaurant with me be prepared to be embarrased… Because if I see glass bottle coke in the display, I will ask to examine the bottle. If the bottle has high fructose corn syrup, I will put it back.. (do you like my give a mouse a cookie writing?) But in this case, I did not put it back, because it was made with SUGAR!!! I love the logo of Coke. It 100% transports me back to the days when my cousins and I would sit on the bench in grandma’s kitchen and eat asado de plaza or tostadas.


Ok ok, back to the restaurant. Even though this place is a chain, they did a pretty good job of making it feel homey, aka the wooden beams, authentic looking chandeliers and pretty mexican plates on the walls. I love that chandelier, totally need one for my dining room someday.


So, I’m not one to write about fast food too much, but this is some fast food that was totally blogworthy. If Ned and I need another cheap meal out on the town (read = after spending 1.3K at ikea and target..) we will definitely consider this place again!

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  1. Yum. You gotta go back to RedBones one day. It’s a lot of fun!

    • Oh just wait Maria! That post should be coming up soon!

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