Expecting Better at Red Bones Barbeque

April 22, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 5 Comments

Are you ready for the shock of your life???  Well this isn’t going to be that, but it was definitely an enlightening and frustrating lunch for me. I found some “good” barbeque, Red Bones, in Boston that I didn’t really like! 😡 Grrrrrrrrrrr. I really wanted this place to be good, because it will be like a 20 minute walk from Ned’s apartment, but the cards were just not right.


Really cool facade but most of the food just wasn’t doing it for me. Ned on the other hand was happy with his choices, maybe I was cranky pants from the shopping trip of the century?? Who knows! But go check out some good pictures!

Ah sweet tea, can’t go wrong with sweet tea (half sweet and half unsweet for me!)


Cornbread, very good. How can you go wrong with sweet bread??


So many bright colors used in the inside of the restaurant. Reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s – groovy!


Here was one of our appetizers – the BBQ Hash – When I think of hash I think of awesome crusty potatoes, but this was not that! Ned liked it (this was the second time he ordered it) but I thought it was lacking some depth of flavor (one note kinda thing).

– ‘Pulled pork, BBQ beef, potatoes, peppers & spices’.


We also ordered the fried okra. I love me some fried vegetables (like fried pickles, etc) and so I was excited to try these. Once again, there was some flavor fullness that was lacking. I guess its kinda hard to make okra taste more okra’ey when fried but I knew they could be better! Maybe it needed more salt?? The salsa they served it with was good (tasted like tomatillos I think) but I wish all of the okra were slathered with it!


Here were four barbeque sauces they make at Red Bones: sweet, hot, mild and vinegar.


Ned and I both ordered the pulled pork sandwich, he got his with potato salad and baked beans. I like how the potato salad looks like mashed potatoes or a scoop of ice cream. The salad was standard as well as the beans. Coming from Boston I think baked beans are a specialty up here so next time I should pay closer attention to how they taste!


Here was the mammoth portion of pulled pork. The meat was really wet, kinda reminded me of a sloppy joe almost (which may have been the thing that turned me off).


The toppings, on the other hand, were right on par! Wish I could have ordered a plate of just that!


So all in all, I was not too enthused about this place. I am 100% going to give it another try (preferably after a lazy day of doing nothing, so my body is primed for eating!)

So we will see!

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  1. So, so sad. 😦

  2. I suspect Boston may be a bit too far north for really good BBQ.

  3. If you want good BBQ we need to take a road trip down to my parents place in Georgia…your tummy will not be disappointed!

    • You are totally right!! Can’t wait to visit the Jekyll island house someday!

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