May Charm City Cookbooking: Dorie Greenspan

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Cookbook club was a little more than a week ago and held at Julie’s house. There is so much space in Julie’s kitchen, its really a cook’s dream! Somehow all of that space is consumed in about 30 minutes after we get in there! Who woulda thunk!

I got some good shots of everyone’s hands at work so I thought I would share them…


Getting asparagus ready for the salad


Getting the pie crust ready for the savory tart appetizer.


Getting the celery root chopped up for the beef on a string entree. And cutting up that said beef on a string!


and voila! we have dessert!


It was a fun night as always, but we weren’t so impressed by the recipes. Go to our Charm City Cookbooking Club page to see more highlights!

Wordless Wednesday: A Bridal Shower for Marfi

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Late Night Dinner at B&O Brasserie

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Wow! I’m actually catching up on my blog backlog! Ned came to town last weekend and it had been 7 (read em seven!) weeks since we had seen each other. That my friends is not easy. I am so thankful we talk three times a day though, even if for only 5 minutes. Did you know there is a Turkey Hill in Boston? Well, when he drives by every morning, I get the Turkey spotting update. See here for a snapshot of this event, apparently that turkey was huge.. whatever Ned!!!

In other news, my best buddy from college, Jana (remember? the one I went to Long Island to see twice this year??) had her baby on Wednesday!! Welcome to the world Lilly Hudson Guja!!! Did you check out that picture too?? How could you not adore that face! Gosh I can’t wait to meet her!

So back to the point of all of this, yes, dinner. A very late dinner I might add. Somebody chose to take the late flight into Baltimore… and so I picked him up at 8:45 and whisked him away to our surprises! First surprise was B&O Brasserie, second surprise was Hotel Monaco! 😀


I had high hopes for B&O after seeing many blogging dinners and hearing Bob and Jen’s recommendations. The beginning of the meal started out fantastic and it went slightly down hill from there. But I got some good pictures, so please go for the jump and join me on my meal recap.

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Wordless Wednesday: Hotel Monaco

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Challah Crazy for Mother’s Day

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That’s right Laurita and I went crazy on Mother’s Day! First we had a ton of sugar for breakfast and then we went nuts with the huge garden tiller and got the garden ready and planted tomatoes for momma and abuelita!


Laurita and I have the bruises and buff looking arms to prove it. Laurita was a big help making this challah bread french toast too. I love my sister!!! And I love my mama, so that’s why we made this!  And Martha Stewart helped too, she cooked up a slightly more fancy version of this on the Today Show the Thursday before Mother’s Day and this is what inspired me!

Go check out our steps!

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We like to party!

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Oh yes we do! Just hop on over to this youtube link to enjoy some Vengaboys while you are reading this post!

So Bethany, or Beffy as I like to call her, turned 31 a few weeks ago and we had a fun bash at her house to celebrate! Lots of champagne drinking out of 89.7 cups, hugs and cake!


Had to have cake! Because I am a baking overachiever and love my friend so dearly (and had some time to devote to this project!) I went with a three tiered red velvet cake. When Bethany and I started throwing out ideas for the party I mentioned doing the Pioneer Woman Red Velvet sheet cake, cause for transporting from Frederick it would be great. But as the day approached, I wanted to up the ante and go big! See the below picture for big!


And there were lots more tasty treats that evening, go check it out below!

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Wordless Wednesday: Frederick Running Festival

May 11, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Entertainment | 2 Comments

ready to watch the Frederick half marathon with Becca!

Hiii Karen!

love those lovebirds

in mid air! nice shot becca!

Royal Treats for a Royal Wedding

May 9, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dessert, Entertainment | 7 Comments

The ideas started forming the Wednesday before the Event. That’s probably how my stomach communicates to my brain: “must plan meals two days in advance.” So I went searching and found shortbread. From Pioneer Woman, a not very British source, but a practical and doable source, so there I went! From some of my searching I had found some interesting additives that people mixed in with their shortbread and so I scurried over to my canisters and pulled out two easy and creative ingredients!

Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Sugar! Surely these flavors would deem this recipe royal enough to make a very special breakfast treat!


Well it worked, these cookies were so tasty. Probably too tasty because after 7 of them and two cups of tea, my ~6 am stomach made a protest! No more sugar for you! So about 30 minutes later I drank a ginger ale and all was well in the world. Of course all was well in the world!!!! Kate and Prince William were married by then!!!!! Gosh that morning was a fun one. I am so glad I called and woke up my mother at 5:30 am so she could watch with me. Love my momma. Hope she had a fantastic Mother’s Day yesterday. Laurita and I made some awesome challah bread french toast for her and after that filling sugary breakfast we took hold of the monster garden tiller and conquered it!!! There are now 12 tomato plants peeking out of the ground and hopefully you all will see lots of tomato sauce from abuelitas kitchen and some summer gazpacho from me!

Go for the jump and see some steps and some pictures of the Event!

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Cupcakes for Easter (or a Bridal Shower)

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Jen and I made these cupcakes for a Bridal Shower Easter! Now that they have been tested they are ready for the big time! (Big Time meaning somebody’s bridal shower coming up on May 21… who could that be??)  The chocolate cupcake shown below could not have tasted better. Yep, I am seriously tooting our horns, well actually its Molly Wizenberg’s horn because that girl knows whats up! And we Easter-fied it with these tart bunny rabbit decorations. Doesn’t it just scream Easter?? Hahaha…


Jen and I went searching for the perfect Bridal Shower cake forms and found this post on the Kitchn.  We were intrigued, could these really be the best?? Better than my standby Ina Garten chocolate cupcake recipe? Yup, it was confirmed… and this chocolate cupcake just screamed chocolateyness! NO seriously it was the most chocolately thing I had ever made (in cupcake form at least) and wasn’t too heavy feeling (like how the Ina recipe can get) And in addition to that chocolate amazingness, we made a vanilla cupcake. A perfectly good vanilla cupcake that was moist and fluffy and had a perfect vanilla flavor, what more can you ask?

So lets get to it! Go check out some more pictures…

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Wordless Wednesday: Beffy’s B-Day Party!

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