Royal Treats for a Royal Wedding

May 9, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dessert, Entertainment | 7 Comments

The ideas started forming the Wednesday before the Event. That’s probably how my stomach communicates to my brain: “must plan meals two days in advance.” So I went searching and found shortbread. From Pioneer Woman, a not very British source, but a practical and doable source, so there I went! From some of my searching I had found some interesting additives that people mixed in with their shortbread and so I scurried over to my canisters and pulled out two easy and creative ingredients!

Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Sugar! Surely these flavors would deem this recipe royal enough to make a very special breakfast treat!


Well it worked, these cookies were so tasty. Probably too tasty because after 7 of them and two cups of tea, my ~6 am stomach made a protest! No more sugar for you! So about 30 minutes later I drank a ginger ale and all was well in the world. Of course all was well in the world!!!! Kate and Prince William were married by then!!!!! Gosh that morning was a fun one. I am so glad I called and woke up my mother at 5:30 am so she could watch with me. Love my momma. Hope she had a fantastic Mother’s Day yesterday. Laurita and I made some awesome challah bread french toast for her and after that filling sugary breakfast we took hold of the monster garden tiller and conquered it!!! There are now 12 tomato plants peeking out of the ground and hopefully you all will see lots of tomato sauce from abuelitas kitchen and some summer gazpacho from me!

Go for the jump and see some steps and some pictures of the Event!


Sifting flour. Must sift flour. It makes it better, I promise!


And then some tea… It was pretty weird cutting up a tea bag to add the contents to a dessert…


Then I rolled and pressed and lifted. The dough really didn’t want to stay together (crumbly grumpy dough!), but somehow when I used the cookie cutter (strawberry of course) it pushed the dough together enough to make a solid piece of dough.


And here they were. I ate them on my one Wedgwood china plate.


And served them on my Kew Royal Botanic Gardens strawberry dish with some more Earl Grey tea. 4:45 am! Geesh I’m crazy! Crazy for weddings and fairy tales of love…. I swear I’m going through Royal Wedding withdrawal… Maybe writing this post will help with my recovery 😀

And here was the view of the TV from my bed. I have yet to turn this blog into a crafting/design one (which might happen at some point, brace yourselves foodie readers!) I love my reclaimed mantel and pink etsy decals! Made the viewing of this royal event so much more lovely!


Come on Harry, get a move on! I need some more weddings to obsess over! Or maybe just wait, because you sure are a handsome ginger bachelor! (Wait, I have my own handsome ginger, now if we could just see about changing up his bachelor status!)



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  1. I should have followed your recipe for earl grey cookies instead of mine!!!! I am glad yours turned out well!!!!!!! And what a fun morning that was, I agree 🙂

    • Yes Pioneer woman rarely dissapoints!

  2. i love you so much for posts like this. i wish i was there in your cozy bed with you and eating those cookies!

    • awwwh, that would have been a lovely morning to share! We will have to wait for Prince Harry!

  3. These look lovely–and my royal wedding hangover is still hanging around!

  4. HA! so much fun that you got up and did this. Looks tasty…

  5. Those are so sweet!!!

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