Challah Crazy for Mother’s Day

May 16, 2011 at 6:00 am | Posted in Brunch | 6 Comments

That’s right Laurita and I went crazy on Mother’s Day! First we had a ton of sugar for breakfast and then we went nuts with the huge garden tiller and got the garden ready and planted tomatoes for momma and abuelita!


Laurita and I have the bruises and buff looking arms to prove it. Laurita was a big help making this challah bread french toast too. I love my sister!!! And I love my mama, so that’s why we made this!ย  And Martha Stewart helped too, she cooked up a slightly more fancy version of this on the Today Show the Thursday before Mother’s Day and this is what inspired me!

Go check out our steps!

Before watching the half marathon in Frederick last Saturday, Becca and I stopped at the Stone Hearth Bakery and picked up a loaf of challah bread. We also picked up two scones for us to eat while watching my friends run the race, but those were gone in 30 minutes!

Thankfully Laurita and I had this to use!


And I had bought some Wegmans Maple Syrup a couple of months back when Kendra and I made a pancake dinner for Shrove Tuesday!

Momma loves real maple syrup. I think its her favorite thing to have other than ice cold milk. ๐Ÿ˜€


Speaking of Wegmans- the Frederick store is opening on June 5! Do you realize how soon that is?? I will be in Buffalo, for Ned’s little sister’s wedding that weekend, but I will definitely be stopping by that next Monday evening!


And there was butter! Not too much, just enough.

Laurita cracked the eggs for me. I got the eggs from the Frederick Farmer’s Market too! Laurita commented on how strong the shell was, its cause they are fresh!!


Doesn’t her manicure look nice? With those pretty rings too.

Beautiful yellow mixture with luscious buttery bread.


Cute sister manning the stove.


In the hot pan!


And out!


Gosh I love french toast. I love the sugariness, I love the browned parts, I love the slightly mushy inside and I love the crispy edges.


Go here for the recipe, it was a winner.



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  1. I love French Toast too! We took my mom out for Mother’s Day breakfast, and I had panko crusted French Toast–it was really good!

    • Panko?? on french toast?? I guess panko is good on everything!

  2. Hello, yum! I made challah French toast last year (or maybe it was the year before…can’t remember) and it wasn’t nearly as pretty as yours. I spent forever making the challah from scratch and it didn’t even turn out very well, I ended up with French toast sticks because the bread didn’t rise enough. Yours looks delicious!

    And I’m slightly jealous your sister is a fellow foodie – my sister can’t even make boxed macaroni and cheese and it drives me crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah I prefer buying good bread than risking making it! Just wait til your sister is older?? Mine is almost 24! Me and her used to cook alot of things when we lived together at Towson back in 2008. And her boyfriend likes to cook, so that helps too!

  3. I want some right now!

    Now that Wegmans’ syrup…product of USA and Canada? What do they do, use a mix so as not to offend any customers? Is Wegmans even in Canada? Us Vermonters are sensitive about these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I did not even notice it was a product of USA and Canada! Wegman’s is not in Canada but there are a couple in Buffalo, so maybe Canadians cross the Peace Bridge to go there?? I understand about the Vermonter thing, did you know that both of my great grandparents met at University of Vermont in Burlington in the 20’s?? My great grandmother even beat my great grandfather in class rank, what a lady!!

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