Martha’s Bridal Shower Details!

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Helloooo all. I hereby declare this week on SIP- party week! What’s the best way to get over heartache?? Partying of course! Well actually, I would think self reflection, mad bits of hysterical crying and good hugs from friends and family would do it, but parties sure don’t hurt!  Marfi’s bridal shower was definitely a beautiful and enjoyable party, as well as Alayne’s 30th Cupcake Party this past Saturday and I can’t wait for my upcoming girlie party this weekend in Frederick!

So I wanted to go over all of the fun details and food we had for Marfi’s Bridal Shower. In less than three weeks she will be married!!! Can’t wait for that long weekend, it is bound to be the best!


Here is the bridal party in all of our lovely attire! It was a very sunny day, which might have led to some cupcake frosting melting… but other than that it was a blessing!

Go for the jump to see lots more pictures!

We made tissue paper poms in bright colors to hang from the trellis. Used this method from Martha Stewart.


On each table we had beautiful flowers that Helen, the mother of the bride, had arranged in blue mason jars, a collection that came from the groom’s family! We also collected about 40 tea cup saucers in different patterns from around the family and placed the cupcakes on them. Lastly, we got some bright pink and orange fabric from Amy Butler (marfi’s favorite fabric designer!) and made the napkin rings.


We had three drinks for the afternoon, a white sangria made by Andrea with green apples and grapes, a pink lemonade courtesy of the canned Wegmans variety and some ice tea with mint and lemon slices. Love those canisters!


Let’s jump back inside and show you the favors… Marfi and Helen love Mike and Ike’s so we figured out a way to showcase them. We got 50 pails from this source, cut some orange tulle to hold the beans and tied the tulle with twine. We went looking on etsy for help with the tags and found these. They were perfect as they were Amy Butler paper! I worked some magic on Microsoft word and got the flower design and nice lettering in a size perfect to glue onto the amy butler paper.  They were so adorable! We designed the signage too… I had gotten that iron easel from TJ Maxx a couple of years ago and so my momma cut a piece of wood to fit it perfectly and Jen painted it with chalkboard paint!


Now we can hop back outside and check out the loot! The green chair came from Maggie’s bedroom, it matched the rest of our theme colors perfectly and it had a M! We used leftover fabric from the napkin rings to make the tablecloth for her water table and also on that table was a recipe box (from Michaels dollar aisle) with matching recipe cards that each guest had brought with their favorite recipe! We made a nice insert in the invitation and it worked out great! Also on the side chair you can see the spreadsheet that Jen made with each guest’s address and space to write the gift description. It worked perfectly for Martha’s thank you note writing!


Ok so let’s get to the food. Here was my pasta salad. So much! I adapted this recipe from epicurious. Everyone loved it, so fresh, so tasty, so easy!


Auntie Martha picked up this awesome fruit display from Wegmans.


Scotty, the brother of the bride made two batches of scones for the afternoon. The first was  a maple pecan.


The second was blueberry. The blueberry ones were so moist and fluffy.


Then we had our standard family salad. Auntie Helen always makes this for family gatherings. A mixed greens salad with sliced red onion, slivers of almond, strawberries, feta cheese and a bottle of lemon poppyseed dressing.


Abuelita made chicken salad and put it on nice rolls from Mars. (She swears by their rolls!)


Bobby made Auntie Helen’s Caprese BLT sandwiches. They were the tastiest of the lot, although the bread was a bit hard to munch through.


The stepmother of the bride, Elaina, made the shrimp salad sandwiches on croissant. Very fancy and tasty.


And that was our meal! The presents opening was a hoot, especially when Marfi pulled this one out of the box, Auntie Helen sure is funny!


Yay for parties! Especially ones that come together with so many people’s assistance and love! Marfi is going to be a beautiful bride, I can’t wait to be her maid of honor! And I have been practicing my speech and some sources have confirmed that its a good one. 😀


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