Summertime Girlie Dinner Party!!!

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The plan for this weekend started back in May. It had been long enough since I had cooked a meal with Beffy, Kelly, and Laurita and I wanted to bring Allison and Lynsi into the mix! The whole gang had so much fun and it was the first time I really felt like we got to use our backyard beautifully!


I made a strawberry flatbread, inspiration and recipe courtesy of Miss Joy the Baker, and it was the perfect start to our meal! Go for the jump and see lots more fun pictures!

Lynsi helped me photograph the flatbread dough making process. It really amazes me how yeast works. The dough was really easy to make, although it did take 3 hours for the whole process. I got some $2.99 strawberries from wegmans, spearmint from my backyard, some crumbled goat cheese and awesome chocolate balsamic vinegar from a trip to the local Lebherz Olive Oil and Vinegar emporium two months ago. Simple ingredients, semi simple preparation, amazeballs results! Thank you Joy!


After the flatbread went into the oven, the prosecco that Laurita had picked up was cool enough in the freezer, so the champagne glasses came out!


Love starting off our dinner parties with bubbly. Makes me so happy.


After we gobbled up that flatbread, Laurita brought out the watermelon tomato gazpacho I had whipped up the night before. (soup always tastes better after sitting for a night πŸ™‚Β  This post is from the first time I made this. 6 ingredients (+ olive oil, vinegar and s&p), 1 blender = summer dinner party perfection!


We also had a male counterpart to our dinner date. Let me please introduce you to Todd. He came up from Richmond with Lynsi and he was the perfect angel all weekend! Love that boy!


Lynsi got a nice shot of the four regulars. LOVE THESE LADIES!!!


And after the flatbread was gobbled and the soup was slurped, and some awful stories were told, we went back into the kitchen to work on the entree! Allison brought her pressure cooker up from Shirlington to make the risotto. I had never tried this technique: Cook leeks in oil in the cooker (like as a hot plate) then add rice, veggie stock, and wine and let it cook all hot and bothered for 6 minutes! After that fun was over we popped in some blanched asparagus, parmesan cheese, defrosted peas, lemon zest and s&p. We let it cook on high for another 10 minutes (as a hotplate) and then it was done!


Lynsi helped prep the scallops! Yum fresh scallops from Wegmans. She coated them in the pan searing flour (also from Wegmans) and guess what? We cooked them in hot basting oil FROM WEGMANS!! Can you tell I am on cloud nine now that there is a wegmans 8 minutes from my house??? And this one is so much more fancy and awesome than the Hunt Valley one! You all must come out and see it!


Kelly helped get the table ready for the entree. Do you see those fun lights in the backyard? We have an oasis now!


The scallops were pretty tricky to cook all at the same time. Think I added too much oil to the pan, cause most of them didn’t get the brown sear I wanted. But they tasted great and not too overcooked, so all was okay.


We also cooked up some pan seared brussel sprouts with pieces of walnut and apricot and it went great with the scallops and risotto.


And for dessert?? I had some frozen farmer’s market strawberries that were just begging to be used (Thank you Kennie!) and so I cooked them up with honey and sugar to make a “jam” and then mixed it with a big container of plain Chobani Yogurt. After chilling, it went into the ice cream maker and then we topped it with mini chocolate chips and more strawberries! So refreshing and healthy. Perfect way to end the meal and get ready to go dancing downtown! Can’t wait for the next girlie party!!! Methinks it should be a birthday party in Frederick in September??



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  1. Wow strawberry flat bread…only you would find that E!

    • Joy the Baker definitely brings me Joy!

  2. Risotto in less than 20 minutes? Heck yeah.

  3. Yay Liz!!! Best weekend ever!!! And who could top the food?! Gazpacho was my favorite, with the seared scallops a close second!

    • Thank you friend!!!! You certainly made my weekend the best ever too!

  4. What a fun weekend!!! Delicious food and great company! That is a really cute picture of the four of us, too! Thanks again!

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