Friday Fabulosity with Pinterest

June 24, 2011 at 9:11 am | Posted in Pinterest | 3 Comments

Happy Friday Folks! So today is the day when I am officially departing from my previous blog topics. I have no food to share with you, so instead I will share other things that have been making me happy!

Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Alayne so maybe I’ll blog about that next week but Alayne has jumped on the Pinterest train with me and I am so excited for that!

It was about two months ago when I realized that all of that wedding inspiration I had been secretly hiding could come to a place where I could view everything visually in a collage. I went and pinned all of those links and poof! I had a wedding pinterest! Of course now there is positively no wedding to plan, but I have started using my pinterest board to collect awesome quotations, really good home decorating and diy projects, and other random things I want to buy like nail polish and clothes.   So check out some of my pins below, and e-mail me here if you want a Pinterest invitation, and click here to follow all of my boards!

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  1. Pinterest is the site I am most upset about being BAW (blocked at work). I’m pretty sure I would love it!

    • Oh no! Bummer to the max!

  2. I just jumped on the Pinterest train, too. Well, sort of. I got invited and I am DYING to start. However, I need to wait until this huge party I am throwing tonight is over. And tournament baseball for my boys all over, too.

    I just know I’ll be checking that site out for hours, so I haven’t yet!!

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