DC Foodie Community Survey

June 27, 2011 at 8:03 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 4 Comments

I was happy to see that this DC food/activities blog asked me to join their group and get to know some of the other DC area food blogs. DC is a place I truly need to go visit more often. Now that a move to Boston is out of the question (HALLELUJAH!) I am so happy to try to get to know more things around where I will live for the rest of my life.

Frederick is definitely a “DC-area” kind of locale. Less than an hour away, great things to see and do. I look forward to seeing Erica, Allison and Jess B more in the next couple of months and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into in DC!

So readers, please hop over to this survey seen at this link here. Help me and my fellow food bloggers find out how to be better food bloggers, and bring you more and interesting things to read!



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  1. Although I am not happy about everything that went down, I am happy you’re staying in the area! I hope to see more of you!

    • I agree Beth! You need to write me to let me know which weekends you are not spending at the beach this summer!

  2. […] who have blogged about the survey so far: Spoonbyte, Delectabelle, The Soup bowl, District365, Strawberries in Paris {Please write a short blog and let me know in the comments below or @365thingstododc and I’ll […]

  3. […] the blogs that wrote articles to share the survey with their readers: Delectabelle, The Soup bowl, Strawberries in Paris, Discojing, Never Turn Down a Cupcake, Barklessvegetables, TCrumbley, Foodie Heaven DC, What Mickey […]

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