Black and White and Red all over

July 22, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dessert | 4 Comments

How’s that for a old school funny joke.  Reminds me of reading the kids section of the Baltimore Sun for the comics and such. I always loved that Egg section that had funny pictures and jokes inserting the word “Egg” into different words.  So what is your favorite version/answer of/to that joke?? I think mine is a sunburned skunk.

So how on earth does that relate to this post?? WEllll…. I made black and white cookies! For James my buddy (buddies because of work, so really he’s my coworker, but he’s more than a coworker, sometimes he is someone I get to annoy, sometimes he is a shoulder to cry on, and most of the time he is someone that makes me laugh).


I love James!!! ❤ him so much that I just had to make him a treat for his birthday.  And he is a cookie monster just like me, so I went searching for a good cookie that I had never made. I settled upon the Black and White cookies from Joy the Baker. James has good memories from his childhood of these cookies, so I thought they were a perfect choice. For a couple of days I considered making the red velvet version of these cookies, which he responded unethusiastically… But it turns out his lovely wife Kristen guffawed at his apathy, so next time I will make red velvet Kristen!!!

Go for the jump and see some more mostly crappy iPhone pictures!

Dough that James (after seeing this picture) told me looked like his daughter Lila’s rice cereal. I promise you I did not make the cookies from rice cereal!  It was a very nice and delicious dough actually. And pretty easy to whip up! (Pretty easy because I woke up at 6:30 am and finished the cookies by 8 am!)


After the batter was made, I buttered the baking sheets. Very strange to me not using my silpats or parchment paper.


And then plop! A quarter cup of batter per cookie! Ooh and check out my gel manicure from Marfi’s wedding. Gosh I love how long that manicure lasted. But my method of removal (aka peel off using my other nails to pry the gel!) has left my fingernails just icky looking!


Anyways, the cookies baked up nicely and then I inverted them on the racks to get them ready for their icing procedure.


The vanilla (confectionary sugar, vanilla extract and corn syrup) and chocolate (chocolate chips and corn syrup) frostings were super easy to make and were very fun to apply to the cookie bottoms.


I had one of these babies for breakfast at around 8:45 that morning and boy were they good! The cakey cookie was so perfectly moist and flavorful and the frostings were very decadent and delicious.


Here is one of the cookies after sitting in the fridge in the Birthday Present container. James loved them, I am so happy I can make baked goods for my friends for their birthdays, nothing makes me happier! 😀

And I am so happy I ventured to try this recipe. Super easy and very dependable. And the deliciousness aspect is just icing on the cake* (*cookie I mean).  Oh and speak of Icing (I sing), check out James’s music blog and his (and now my) buddy Tricia’s food/music blog too! Love real life/blog friends!!



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  1. I once made smitten kitchen’s black and white cookies (pre-blog) they were amazing, but I don’t think I could do them all the time. Glad they were enjoyed as a birthday gift!

    • Yeah its nice when you have a recipe that impresses you! Definitely not all the time cookies, but not bad!

  2. I love my blog friends, too!! xxoo

    I cannot wait to try this recipe!! Yum. Lucky James!

    Oh….A nun falling down the stairs.

    • 😀

      Haha that’s a funny response!

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