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July 29, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment | 6 Comments

This clip from Clueless popped into my head on Tuesday night when I was making myself dinner. Kendra and I planned to do some Jillian Michaels Shred DVDs and then get cooking upstairs in her awesome house, but a migraine struck her. So I was left to fend for myself for the night! After a nice long run/walk around town I set to cook myself a meal!

Now back to Clueless lead in… I baked some chicken that I had marinated all day (Worcestershire, dijon, evoo, herbs de provence and s&p) in the toaster oven. That toaster oven has seen much better days, BUT, it still works so I will hold out! The first picture I snapped of the workings of this meal was a view of the chicken baking through that nasty oven door. And hence…

This movie was probably one of the first movies I claimed as a favorite of mine. I don’t know if it was the cool fashion or popular lead character or just the sweet love story with Paul Rudd that comes out in the end, but I totally took it as my own.  And I totally sported a pink fuzzy pen like Cher did in school.  So who else has been keeping it real lately? My favorite girl Sherry from YoungHouseLove. Gosh I can’t wait to have my own place to have to rehab and decorate!!   But for now I will focus on feeding myself and others, and maybe trying to sew up some throw pillows for our couch..  Here was the final result of my cooking on Tuesday. Pretty tasty looking eh?


Go for the jump to see more workings of this meal!



Secondly… I shucked some fresh corn from Wegmans… I love how bright and yellow those kernels are.


Thirdly, I took the massive zucchini that came out of my momma’s garden that had been sitting in the fridge for like 2 weeks and I cut a hunk off and started peeling!DSC_0242

And I peeled and peeled and got tons of these nice little strips….DSC_0245

The recipe inspiration for this technique comes from the new york times. Basically just heat up a pan on medium high with evoo and cook the strips for a minute or two. Remove from heat and put lots of parmesan cheese and pepper! My favorite and easy way to enjoy zucchini. DSC_0254

And lastly, the correct way any Marylander should be eating summer corn. Butter and Old Bay!!! See my butter girl? Isn’t she cute.




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  1. Hey, if you want to come to my house and help with rehab ideas, you’re welcome anytime! Noel thinks YHL’s look is too “girly” though :-/ And you’ll make me a minnie headband with those throw pillows, right 😉

    • You pick out the fabric and I will make you pillows!!! (Now go start searching!,,,…) The minnie headband is a definite possibility! Will you wear it in September if I make it??

  2. Liz – It was so awesome to see your name in my comment section again!! How are you?? 🙂 It’s been a while! That said, loved Clueless, and still drool over Paul Rudd lol That chicken, with the beautiful fresh corn and zucchini looks incredible! I definitely must try it! OH, with you on the Old Bay!

    • HI LM!!! I was happy to browse over to your blog to see your beautiful concoctions! I am good. This summer has been very exciting and now it seems it is taking a turn to a very happy one so thats good! Yeah Paul Rudd is pretty much timeless (and super funny). Oh yes Old Bay is the way to go!! How have you been?? How’s your knee?

  3. Are you keeping it real and “rollin’ with the homies’?

    • Driving around in my awesome new car?? yes!! But smoking the herb?? no 😛

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