Wordless Wednesday: Farewell Our Friend

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Sammiches for the Runner

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So the morning after the race, I was pretty darn hungry. I proceeded to eat a slice of that pie and then somehow whizzed around my house cleaning for an hour! I had heard good things about this deli, CrabApples, in downtown Frederick and so I met up with my new favorite Frederick dweller and had a sweet lunch outside.


That night I met up with Bethany’s family for dinner at the Orchard again! Her sister, Emily, used to come to Frederick for court cases for work a couple times a month and so she used to frequent Crabapples alot. That is until the owner got very “crabby” about them hanging out at their table for too long… So we didn’t get any attitude that day, and I my inquiry to take pictures was well received behind the counter, so all was well that Saturday. Go for the jump to see more pictures!

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Wednesday Pinterest Musings

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Sunday Lunch at Red Canoe

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Last Sunday morning after many a rain storm and an insane 5 mile run through the rainstorm, I discovered that my previously scheduled lunch date was not going to work out, so I instantly messaged Jen my cousin to see if she was free for lunch instead! She was! And so we took a nice sunny drive down to Harford Road and had a nice leisurely lunch full of summer vacation talk and other fun discussions. It’s nice being able to just sit with Jen and talk since most of our conversations happen on G-chat or text!


Red Canoe was the perfect place to catch up and relax. We had some sandwiches and split a muffin! Go check em out…

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Abuelita’s Salsa Sauce

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I would also like to title this post: The Reason I have a Food Blog. I thought this blog would just be a way to brag about my baked goods or document the boring things I like to eat for dinner… then it turned into a way to meet awesome Baltimore foodies and become a member of the Charm City Cookbook club. Then it became a great place to show off my photography and then also showcase good times with my family and friends… but really the reason I have this food blog: So I can document in pictures and words how Abuelita cooks the amazing Mexican food I have always loved and how thankful I am that I will be able to make these same recipes the exact same way for my own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren someday.  I’m so happy I still live near Abuelita and Abuelito and can see them whenever I want, whenever I am hungry, or need a hug, whenever I just feel like doing their laundry. Someday I will not be that lucky, but for now, I COUNT MY BLESSINGS. I am blessed to have this computer and this camera and the free time to be able to document our family recipes.  Well gosh, its time to stop crying about this and get down to the good stuff.

Mom and I forgot that this recipe needs roma tomatoes and so when we picked out the tomato plants back on Mother’s Day… we chose the big boys, better boys and champions… Whatever! It will still work!


Go for the jump to see the recipe and more pictures of Abuelita’s handiwork!

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Wordless Wednesday: I <3 Frederick

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Patsy’s Blackberry Cobbler

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Baked Fruit Desserts… Quintessential summer staple, right??  That’s what I was thinking! It is no hidden secret that I like to bake for other people… And so the opportunity arose to bake for some new friends in DC on Friday night and I jumped right into my Pioneer Woman cookbook and out came Patsy! Patsy is married to Ree’s father and has the sweetest simplest little cobbler recipe that ever could be.  Thanks for the recipe Ree and Patsy! I will be revisiting you again!


I mean, come on, 5 ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep? And what results is berry, slightly crispy, gooey deliciousness.  Go check out some step pictures…

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A simple summer meal with friends

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You know what makes me happy?? Meeting friends through the internet (insert winky face here, haha)… Some of these friends include Julie and Meg! Julie and I get to see each other once a month for Cookbook Club, and Julie and Meg have a lovely tradition of going to the JFX Farmer’s Market every Sunday followed by brunch, but Meg and I don’t see each other hardly enough! Meg just moved uptown in Baltimore close to where I used to live when I was at Hopkins and has been busy decorating up her new house! It is lovely, I love her style, I can’t wait to watch the transformation unfold on her blog!

So it was definitely time for a mini reunion. We all came together and each made a delicious dish for a wonderful little evening in the living room! Here was Julie’s salad. Amazingly delicious. Sugar snap peas, sliced radishes, goat cheese and some spices (sumac??). She found it at epicurious, I will definitely be making it again!


Go for the jump to see more delicious things…

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