Breezy Afternoon at Bahia Taco

September 14, 2011 at 7:27 pm | Posted in Lunch, Travels | 2 Comments

If you saw my wordless Wednesday post from this week, you might have noticed I went to California!! Beautiful sunny La Jolla actually. I turned 29 years young and made a trip to visit my best girl Becca to commemorate the occasion!  After a nice stroll along the water we went in search of that elusive best fish taco. I think we found it too! It was just lovely driving along the coast headed south towards Bird Rock.


Becca is so lucky to live in this oasis! Especially an oasis that has so much good Mexican food! We sampled lots of it all weekend and I was soooo happy. Go for the jump to see our meal and some pretty pictures…


Feels like the perfect beachside cafe. Breezy with lots of windows and $1 fish taco specials for lunch! You have to be dumb to not order that.. Apparently I am dumb, but not Becca!


Here was the view from the back porch of the restaurant. Amazing. Gosh I love traveling. California was just beautiful and I have now booked my next trip to a waterside town- Alicante, SPAIN!! Right after thanksgiving, so excited to travel with my cousins and see our cousin Maggie there.

And here it is folks! The best fish taco Becca has had since she moved to La Jolla. DSC_0048

The batter that they use to fry up the fish is just heavenly. So much flavor and the perfect texture.

We also got some guacamole to share. Very smooth guac. I’m used to having chunks of tomatoes in it. The avocado was impressively fresh though.


Here’s my grilled fish taco. I went fancy and got the seafood platter… A mahi mahi taco… Had nice seasoning, but I really wanted the fried version! Ah live and learn…


The other portion of my platter was the lobster enchilada. Now that was decadent and delicious. The tomato sauce they used totally reminded me of abuelitas and the tortilla was so fresh too, so I was super happy about this choice.


This restaurant was the perfect place to start my trip. Lovely views and really good food.

Bahia Don Bravo on Urbanspoon



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  1. Looks delicious. There’s a place we love for fish tacos in DE!

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