Birthday Sprinkles and More Sprinkles

September 19, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Dessert, Entertainment | 4 Comments

Did I ever tell you how much I love Sprinkles?? Not just the cupcakes… but sprinkles in general! Miniature dots of brightly colored sugar just bring smiles to my face. And I very much enjoy pinning sprinkly kind of things.. like this and this and this.  I am so happy lots of my buddies have been pinning their little butts off! So inspirational, pretty and funny. Ok so back to the actual sprinkles! Everyone knows about this cupcake chain


This company picked a beautiful logo. Marketing is so important for this type of business. Every little detail counts!  Go for the jump to see the store and our picks for the weekend!

Pure delight. Women in a cupcake store. And the ladies behind the counter were SO FRIENDLY. Gosh that job must be really fun. DSC_0069

I picked up some wooden utensils from the bar. And all weekend I was obsessed with using these wooden utensils. What’s up with that?? I think it somehow reminded me of using those little wooden nub things to eat ice cream growing up. And the fact that the label is so nicely affixed to these… makes me happy.


This one was the chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling. Reminded me of a ho ho or something.

This one was my quintessential birthday cupcake- strawberry!!!

The other ones we got were the red velvet and vanilla hazelnut chocolate.

I think my favorites were the strawberry and chocolate marshmallow. I loved the buttery frosting. The only problem with how we ate these was that, we were on sugar overload that weekend and so ate one a day and kept them in the fridge the whole time! So they never came to room temperature. I bet it would have been a different experience eating them fresh, but hear you me- they were still realllllly good.

In addition to the sprinkles cupcakes…. I had lots of sprinkled donuts for my birthday breakfast!! And they came in a pink box. It was basically the most perfect way to start my 29th year of life. Thank you B-Boo!!!!!



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  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you got to celebrate with Sprinkles.

    • Thanks Wendi!! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. I want a cupcake now.

    I can’t use those wooden utensils, they skeeve me out. And I think it’s because of those wooden ice cream things from when I was a kid…those always bothered me!

    • Haha skeevy wooden things…. I didnt actually use them to eat with so maybe they would skeeve me out too now… But we did use it to cut!

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