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September 22, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 6 Comments

Heyooo dear readers… Did you know I love wine?  Les Jamelles – Cinsault is probably my favorite wine to drink right now. Ah but there will always be a special place in my heart for the beaujolais – louis jadot. My favorite local wines include the Boordy Sevyal – Chardonnay – Vidal blend and my favorite red is from Blank Ankle is the Rolling Hills (see a shot from my afternoon there last fall below!). All of those wines evoke good meals or afternoons with my friends or loved ones.   There is an exciting situation going on in Maryland now because of the new laws, wine can be shipped directly from wineries to our homes!  So this is a bit touchy to me, because I want people to support our local wineries, but I also think it is awesome that we are able to experience wines from other regions of the country and support those producers directly.


So how does this relate to the point of this post?? Well my new friend Rohan at District 365 who I had previously helped with a food blog survey has started up a new business that sells wines from around the country for a really good price and similar to the Groupon style, they feature a new wine every week starting on Monday morning. They are starting up the site next week and are offering up a contest for the launch! So my dear readers, if you are interested in signing up for these weekly emails, go here and be entered to win a weekend getaway to a B&B and come home with 6 bottles of wine!   Mmm wine… can’t wait to go back to Black Ankle real soon for a nice fall afternoon in the countryside.



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  1. I don’t think we can get wine from distributors (like District 365) in Maryland. Only from the winieries directly.

    • Beth,
      Sites like (I’m a representative from for full disclosure), Lot18, and others do not act like distributors. They are more akin to Groupon/Living Social in that they do not take ownership of the wines or ship. What we do is negotiate deals on wines directly from the wineries, pass on your orders instantly (less than 3 seconds in our case) and the wineries ship directly to you as per Maryland law. You just get a MUCH better deal, additional customer service, and access to a variety of Maryland shippable wines all in one place. Hope that clears up your concern.
      Thanks very much for the question

      • Rohan,
        We are excited about the wine law changes in our state! We’d love to help promote what you are doing at Let us know how we can help.
        ~Kristin & Chris Ann

      • Thanks Kristin & Chris Ann, I’ll shoot you an email right now. Really appreciate it, and thanks again Elizabeth for the great article! Just shared it on our main District365 facebook page as well.

        Thank You.

  2. Elizabeth!
    Thanks for sharing and I have now added Les Jamelles to my list! Hope to see you soon.

    • Yes it is delicious!!

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