Taco Surf and Vallarta Burritos…

September 30, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 1 Comment

Happy Friday Friends! Boy have these weeks felt long and very short… maybe it was having to wear the boot all week. I got 9 more days with that puppy, lets hope it does its job and lets my ankle tendon heal! Note to self: Do not run 6 miles if your ankle is telling you its not right, even if you spent $33.

Enough ankle woes, let’s talk about TACOS!! Last Saturday, abuelita made the raucous whole family asado de plaza and some awesome chorizo cheesy poblano concoction that we ate on fresh masa corn tortillas. So that was awesome. But I also got to have some great tacos and burritos in San Diego, so I was super psyched about that. DSC_0248

Like every time Becca asked me, well what should we eat? I would say TACOS!! I wonder if that was my first word (any ideas Aunties??) Cause I swear that is my favorite thing to eat.Β  So go check out some Mexican food amigos…

This was my last meal in San Diego. Really cool place. Love how this shot turned out so nicely too!


Becca went standard and got a burrito. Yum.


I took my pick of lots of random things off of the menu! First up was the carnitas tacos. Oh my gosh I loved this guac.


Then I got two flautas or tacquitos, one with potatoes inside and other with just cheese. Again loved the guac, loved the filling. And loved that monterey jack cheese on top!!


Lastly was the tostada. I had never had a good tostada other than abuelitas and so I was pleasantly surprised this one tasted good. I think the oil might have been a little old though.


Perfect last meal to my trip. And then we got to go watch the sunset over the ocean. It was beautiful.

but hey! Let’s step back two days and check out what I ate for lunch on my birthday.

I think this place is a local chain, it was right near Becca’s local Target.


And they had the sweetest little outdoor area. I loved all the tile. LOVED.


And they have this certain burrito there, the california burrito. And what does that entail? Fries in it! Kinda like the Primanti Bros sandwiches. One stop meal. Um yeah this burrito was good. The fries had good texture and the burrito was not too soggy. The green tomatillo salsa was really flavorful and delicious.


That was a smart way to turn 29. Mmm now I want burritos for dinner… too bad chipotle is not half as good as this one!

Taco Surf Taco Shop on Urbanspoon El Vallarta Taco Shop on Urbanspoon


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  1. Thats not real mexican food, come visit me I will show you some πŸ™‚

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