Snazzy Searsucker

October 3, 2011 at 6:09 pm | Posted in Brunch, Travels | 1 Comment

I saved one of the best meals in San Diego for last (and dang! It’s October now and I am just finishing blogging about this trip! Crazy!). Becca had gotten a Groupon and so we went to this new fancy and snazzy restaurant downtown called Searsucker for brunch that Sunday. I feel extra snazzy writing up this post now seeing that Joy from Oh Joy! went there recently too.


As we were sitting there, I kept remarking to myself how much I loved the way they decorated the space, very Anthro-esque but I also thought this place was tooo hip for me! There were people wearing fedoras to brunch.. not so much my style… Go check out some pictures!


The rope lights were super cool.


And the random letters spelling things out…


But the water glasses.. oh! Make me smile how lovely they are.


Becca got a bloody mary. It was delicious! And fun how they put a slim jim on the stick.


(Duh) I got the Strawberry Sangria – chardonnay, fresh strawberries, peach. Too sweet, even for me! I should have gotten the bloody mary…


Becca got the Green Eggs and Ham – rustled egg, pork belly, brioche, herbs. She loved every last bite of this. The green sauce was so flavorful and the pork belly and rustled egg were cooked perfectly.


Just to add insult to injury we got the ‘one foot in the grave’ to share. There wasn’t anything particularly special about this dish. Just potato has, lots of cheese and bacon, with sour cream and chives. I wouldn’t order it if I went back…


But I would definitely order this again! Bourbon Brown Butter Toast -blackberry, maple, whipped cream cheese. The bread had that perfect texture, not too hard and not too soft and the blackberry compote was AHMAZING. So fresh and just tasty – not too sweet either.

This restaurant was awesome. Cool decorations, very cool vibe, good service, reasonable prices for the good quality of the food. Go check it out if you are in San Diego!
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  1. If only I was in San Diego! Looks delish!

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