Cowboy Cookies and Renegade Sewing

October 7, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Dessert, Pinterest | 12 Comments

Holllllaaaaa friends. It’s Friday!!! Thank the dear sweet Lord that I have made it through these two past weeks. I’m not going to lie, it has been rough. With the boot, inability to exercise, coming to terms with 29 and my singledom…alot has been on my mind. There is this pin on pinterest and I keep going back to it. When I was young, at 29 I thought I would have been married with babies, but alas I am not and I need to appreciate that I do have alot of things already going for me: a really great job where I feel fulfilled and productive and amazing friends and family who would do anything for me. And I have my hobbies… baking, crafting, and running! Hopefully the running will come back sooner than later.ย  But I am so thankful I got my butt in gear tonight and got the former two things going on up in here!


Like these cookies, that will be delivered to a certain nameless person tomorrow evening. They came from the Baked Explorations cookbook, a book I should be pulling from more often! Those men know how to make delicious and creative baked goods. And after reading this post I agree that they are perfectly OCD in how they explain things, and I appreciate that so much!ย  These cookies are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and chewy and crispy. Now about that crafting bit.. last Sunday my dear sweet Auntie Martha got me a sweet Kenmore sewing machine (I have named her Sally!) and finally I got to use it! So go check out my baking and sewing projects…

Cowboy cookies… No real reason for the name… kinda funny. But they are good so it really doesn’t matter what they are named!DSC_0162

The recipe made around 40 cookies… here they are ready to bake with the funny little pretzel bites sticking out them.


The not so secret but fun ingredients: pretzels and reese’s pieces!


Perfectly fall appropriate – gotta love some oatmeal in the fall and the pieces colors are great for Halloween. YUM.


Oh so here we go blog… this talk of sewing and crafts is going to become a prominent occurrence on here. We have curtains in our living room but they hung over and outside of the windowsill and so I resolved to shorten them and make them more custom! Oh and check out my new pillows on the couch. Auntie Martha and Jen helped me with those a couple of weeks ago! Love the ikat and chevron prints. And I love how I know how to make them now- even with a hidden zipper for easy washing!


Jenn got this nice shot of me in action with Ms. Sally. Love this machine- works like a charm! But that good sewing only came because I measured and pinned and measured and pinned alot. Pinning and ironing is the key to sewing folks!!


Andddd AFTER! Don’t they look so nice??


Up close, perfectly hemmed.


And why don’t we throw in one more craft while I’m at it. Earlier this summer I made some headbands for baby Lilly like these. And once I saw this Minnie headband here, I knew Miss Beth would love one! So finally this weekend I crafted one up and she was just smitten with it!! Yay crafts for my friends. ๐Ÿ˜€




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  1. I made those Cowboy Cookies when I first got the book and I was really bummed – they spread out really far and they were hard as a rock after a couple of hours. Yours look much better, I’ll have to check out the link you posted with (hopefully) better instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Spread out and hard as a rock??? I followed the boys instruction to use cool butter. Cut it up into cubes and let it sit out for 20 minutes before throwing it into the mixer with the sugars. Also, I let the dough sit in the fridge overnight and then let it come to room temperature for about an hour before starting to bake. And I used silpats… they said to use parchment!

  2. Your place looks so nice! And those cookies better be for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Bring on the crafts! Thanks again so much for my headband!

    And as for where we are in life–I don’t think young me thought I would be 5 years married at 29. We are both so blessed in so many ways. And I feel lucky to have you as a friend!

  4. Those both look good. The cookies must have been great. Miss you!

    • They are good! Miss you too Nee Nee!

  5. Hi Elizabeth!! – love your blog!! Driving to CT w/ your daddy and my hubby for a friend’s wedding. Have a great weekend! Ellen

  6. Can I send you a hug? You are so cool. You SEW!!!! Love it.

    • I sew straight lines!!!! I am the coolest :p

  7. Big improvement on the curtains! Good job Biss.

  8. Doing some blog reading catchup! Your curtains look awesome! Maybe we should start a sewing club in addition to our CBC. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo – Alayne

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