August/Sept Charm City Cookbooking: The Lee Brothers

October 21, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner, Entertainment | 2 Comments

Well haven’t I been a most delinquent CBC blogger! And everyone can give me smack because I am usually so bossy for everyone elses posts! So we have cookbook club this Sunday! Indian food! But for now, let’s check out some southern food! This was Renee’s last cookbook club gathering as a resident of MD. (Don’t worry folks- she will be back in 2 years from TX! *Fingers crossed!*). And it was very fitting that this cookbook, the one that started it all, is what finished her tenure for now. The Lee Brothers – Simple Fresh Southern.

We started with strawberry wine coolers. Oh yes. They were deeelicious. Sweet and refreshing.


And here was my entree, of which I was super proud. Nice cut of steak from Wegmans… Finn grilled it up on the grill for me (awesome) and the parsley sauce was so flavorful and perfectly complimentary to the rich slices of beef.


Now go hop on over to the Charm City Cookbooking Page to see the remaining dishes!



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  1. AHHHH looks delish! I’m sad I’m missing this week, but I need this vacation!

    • Yeah this was a good meal! It’s all good! Enjoy Disney!!!

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