Birthday Dinner for Daddy

October 28, 2011 at 11:21 am | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner | 1 Comment

September and October are birthday months in my family. Mom’s was the beginning of the month and we had a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill and I gifted her my old iPhone recently and she is just LOOOOVING it. But for Dad I went more traditional and cooked him a nice three course meal, ahem actually Laurita and I cooked him a three course meal. He turned 57 (geez! we are getting old!) on Saturday and Laurita and him came out to Frederick for dinner. It’s been pretty crazy this year dealing with their divorce, but I have a feeling things will come back to a new “normalcy” in the next couple of months and I am thankful for that. I went searching in one cookbook for this meal. Claire Robinson’s Five Ingredient Fix. Laurita got there early and helped me finish the soup so I could get crackin on my sewing project! (see below for that!)


I wanted to make something big that dad could take home for leftovers and so I started thinking about soup and found this hearty potato “bar” soup in Claire’s book. It was pretty easy and verrry good. Especially with the addition of the bacon pieces!

Go for the jump to see my creation and the remaining dishes of the evening!

Here is my first stab at making clothing. I’m not going to lie, sewing patterns are pretty confusing. But with the help of youtube and abuelita I completed it! I actually love being able to make things like this now. Its more addicting than cooking to me! Gasp!!!

Anyways, so back to the food.. Dadda loves fish so I knew I had to make some of that. And the last super successful fish dish I made was that blackened catfish from this cookbook. Because Dad’s parents lived a good bit of their life in South Carolina, southern food has a special place in his heart. So in addition to the fish, I wanted to try to make collard greens. It would go perfectly with the fish, buttery sauce and rice…


Here are those green all ready to go into the hot pan. I am really loving on some hearty green this season. Makes me feel like a pioneer woman. Ha! This recipe did not use any bacon, but did incorporate smoky paprika and a bit of cayenne. That and the fact that I burned the greens in my cast iron from too little water addition and maybe a too hot pan, gave these babies nice deep flavor!

Then we got to the fish… I made the creole seasoning and went to town patting it on there.

And Voila! Cooked fish pretty lemons, awesome collard greens. Very Happy Daddy. And whats funny is that for some reason he thought dinner was just the soup! I sure surprised him with this awesome fish!


And to prove how easily I can make a box cake, I got one for angel food. Some reason I can’t justify buying a dozen eggs just for the whites. (I know Joanney, πŸ˜€ I could have frozen them…)


Fresh strawberries, angel food cake and french vanilla ice cream. Oh how we indulged that night! And to prove it! I had a sleeping Dada on my couch at 10 pm. Love having my family over for meals. πŸ˜€



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  1. What a lucky dad!

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