Wordless Wednesday: Hermosa Alicante

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Fotos de España

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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Gracias por mi Familia de locos

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Aka- I am uber excited to hang out with these people in the next week in Baltimore y España!!!

Sweet Potato Soup for my sweet & silly friends

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Sweet and silly Bethany and Kelly agreed to come out to Frederick on Friday night. Even though my throat was trying to ruin my week, I was determined to make a good soup for dinner for us! And of course (I am a broken record I realize) I went searching on smitten kitchen. I found this one! Sweet potato and sausage soup with onions, some white potato, and spinach! The sweet potato and spinach is what won me over when I was searching, since I am so in love with those sweet potatoes and I already had spinach in the fridge.


Well the soup was more stewy… probably because I was overzealous with the masher… this what happens when you are talking about boys (ahem, men) and making dinner.  Well the soup, stew, whatever it was, went over very well. And then it was followed by nail polish hour and we watched this funny British high school movie (St. Trinian’s).  I felt exactly like we were back in high school! Except in high school I didn’t make my friends fancy soup for dinner and I didn’t drink champagne ever, and funny texting didn’t exist yet either. So really, I much prefer the 29 year old version of slumber parties. 😀 Go for the jump to see some more cooking shots!

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Pumpkin Cookies and Lotsa Casserole

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Hello friends! I did not do too much cooking this week, remnants of a cold from last week turned into a hella bad sore throat this week….  Although, I was super energized to workout on Monday and Tuesday so that turned out well, but it might have upped the recent intense sore throat pain, so who knows! But I do know that I am feeling pretty good today and have lots of cooking in store this weekend! Bethany and Kelly are coming tonight and we’re making some vegetarian soup and then I will do some thanksgiving prep on Saturday and then there is tea lunch cookbook club at my house on Sunday! Very excited. So you want to see my recent creations? This was the one that I (and Jenn and James and Hall) dubbed a success- pumpkin cookies.

I found the recipe on Pinterest and wanted to treat Jenn, B&K and James and Hall at work to something delicious (and maybe myself…). It was actually pretty healthy because of the whole can of pumpkin and I substituted 1 cup of flour for whole wheat flour.

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Wordless Wednesday: Kendra, the bride to be

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October Charm City Cookbooking: Madhur Jaffrey

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Hey Look! We had cookbook club at Maria’s house! And I made butternut squash soup and naan and they were fantastic.

Heart shaped naan. (awwwwwwh said in the way James says this!)

Go check out our CBC site for Maria’s post! And pray that my brain and body get back to normal sometime before the end of this year. I put my biceps out of commission for a week with a renegade lifting class last Thursday and the amount of sh** hitting the fan at work is reaching new levels and is causing my head to spin daily. So boy is that Spain vacation is going to be awesome, but I bet I am going to have to work twice as hard as I usually do when I come back to makeup for lost time… But boo hoo cause thats when I want to be writing my christmas cards and leisurely baking cookies at night. We will see friends. We will see. Anyways, happy friday, hope you have a good weekend! I am gearing up for a wine tasting in PA tomorrow for my dear friend Kendra’s Bachelorette Party!

Wordless Wednesday: Purple Fever

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Sewing, Salads and Pinteresting- oh my!

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Hey Girl. Yeah you, like Hey Girl, like this. Isn’t Pinterest awesome?? It brings us funny things like that. Oh Gosling, you so handsome.

Anywayyyyyyssss. This week I finally made a pledge to myself to be healthy again. And I don’t want any fat face pictures for Spain, so there you go. Oh Spain… Did I tell you I’m going to Spain????? Well I am. Alicante and Barcelona for one whole week right after Thanksgiving and with my bestest girl cousins. CAN’T WAIT.

So in an effort to get that healthiness into gear, and in addition to two awesome trips to the gym this week, I made this twice. Arugula, roasted sweet potatoes and goat cheese, with lots of red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and peppa.

Now on to the sewing… I went poking around the pattern section at Joann’s one night and found a cute baby girl one for a shirt with rick rack trim. It said easy on the $3 package so I was sold! Go for the jump to see my handiwork…

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Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Treat for Joanney

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