Pumpkin Cookies and Lotsa Casserole

November 18, 2011 at 3:27 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner | 2 Comments

Hello friends! I did not do too much cooking this week, remnants of a cold from last week turned into a hella bad sore throat this week….  Although, I was super energized to workout on Monday and Tuesday so that turned out well, but it might have upped the recent intense sore throat pain, so who knows! But I do know that I am feeling pretty good today and have lots of cooking in store this weekend! Bethany and Kelly are coming tonight and we’re making some vegetarian soup and then I will do some thanksgiving prep on Saturday and then there is tea lunch cookbook club at my house on Sunday! Very excited. So you want to see my recent creations? This was the one that I (and Jenn and James and Hall) dubbed a success- pumpkin cookies.

I found the recipe on Pinterest and wanted to treat Jenn, B&K and James and Hall at work to something delicious (and maybe myself…). It was actually pretty healthy because of the whole can of pumpkin and I substituted 1 cup of flour for whole wheat flour.

Ah ha, check out my big spender essie nail polish job there. I ❤ essie. I also ❤ pumpkin cookies disguised as vehicles for warm chocolate chip consumption.

The cookies were so light and airy when they came out of the oven. They were pure cookie heaven. They are pretty airy still today and very delicious (as indicated by my coworkers!)

The next cooking attempt was a mashed potato, kale, onion and deer sausage casserole I had made for my dinner/ Jen’s lunch this week. We had the deer sausage in the freezer from our neighbor and I wanted to use that up and incorporate kale somehow.


I went searching on my epicurious app and found this recipe. I used light munster cheese and the potato mash only called for 1/2 stick of butter so it really was a healthy kind of casserole (especially using deer meat too!)


The use of chicken stock and apple cider vinegar upped the flavor portion of this dish without adding extra calories so that was good. Jenn said she loved it! I loved it except for the deer meat flavor. I don’t know what it is, but I could just not get my head around that. So I think she’s taking the remains to her parents!

These creations might have not been the most interesting I have ever made, but soon enough I will have lots of Spanish meals to report! Ooooh I am so excited to leave in 8 days to see Magga (aka Margaret Helen) in Alicante and then Barcelona!!!!!



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  1. Both of these look wonderful!

    • Thank you very much!

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