Sweet Potato Soup for my sweet & silly friends

November 22, 2011 at 12:15 am | Posted in Dinner | 4 Comments

Sweet and silly Bethany and Kelly agreed to come out to Frederick on Friday night. Even though my throat was trying to ruin my week, I was determined to make a good soup for dinner for us! And of course (I am a broken record I realize) I went searching on smitten kitchen. I found this one! Sweet potato and sausage soup with onions, some white potato, and spinach! The sweet potato and spinach is what won me over when I was searching, since I am so in love with those sweet potatoes and I already had spinach in the fridge.


Well the soup was more stewy… probably because I was overzealous with the masher… this what happens when you are talking about boys (ahem, men) and making dinner.Β  Well the soup, stew, whatever it was, went over very well. And then it was followed by nail polish hour and we watched this funny British high school movie (St. Trinian’s).Β  I felt exactly like we were back in high school! Except in high school I didn’t make my friends fancy soup for dinner and I didn’t drink champagne ever, and funny texting didn’t exist yet either. So really, I much prefer the 29 year old version of slumber parties. πŸ˜€ Go for the jump to see some more cooking shots!

I am good friend you realize. I wanted to incorporate a sausage element to this soup, but still keep it vegetarian for Bethany! So I bought these… they were okay. That night when I was eating them, they did not do it for me, but today with leftovers they were alright. So who knows! I would try to go with real sausage next time I make this soup….


I got two big honker sweet potatoes. Love them.


I started the soup by browning up the “sausage” on medium heat with some olive oil. Then I took those out and I cooked a big minced onion with garlic until translucent. Then I threw in the oddly shaped sweet potatoes and white potato chunks on medium.


After they were done cooking for about 12 minutes, I poured in some stock (should have been vegetable, but I used chicken! shhhhh, don’t tell Bethany) and brought it to a boil. After about 20 minutes of simmering with that, I mashed and mashed. And then added the “sausage” back in and the spinach. Threw in some pepper and we were in business! Very few ingredients, but a very tasty soup.


Thank you Deb for another winner. And thank you sweet silly friends (B&K, + all of you other ones out there too, you know who you are :P) for bringing humor into my life and putting up with my drama!!!!



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  1. Hmmm…could I convince my husband to like squash soup if it had sausage in it?

    BTW, used the end of that pancetta last night over some oven roasted brussels sprouts. AMAZING!

    • Yes, I would say try! its so good! And hell yeah pancetta with brussel sprouts yummmmm. I finished the rest of the savory bites last night, sooooooo good.

  2. I love you. πŸ™‚

    • Right back at ya Katers!!!

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